Tactics to Earn Skilled Visa For Australia


If you hold specific skills and qualifications in a particular field or subject, then you can come to Australia and, work over there as a skilled professional for a relevant occupation. If you think that how do that effectively, then, some of the best Australian skilled visas can make your dream come true. The three of the most popular skilled Australian visas are the visa subclass 189, 190 and 489 respectively. 

When you will read the details pertaining to all these three visas, you will notice that they are quite similar to each other, hence, may get a bit confused initially. Hopefully, the below given write-up will clarify all your doubts and queries related to each of these visa categories, and, what are some of the finest tactics to obtain your skilled visa at ease. 

A quick overview of the most popular skilled migrant visas

  • Visa Subclass 489: If you wish to live and work in a regional area of Australia by making the best use of your skills and qualifications, then, applying for the skilled visa 489 is the right choice for you. 
  • Visa Subclass 190: Are you willing to secure a permanent residency in Australia by working for a relevant occupation, compatible with your skills and qualifications? Then, you can certainly do that by applying for the visa subclass 190. With this visa, you can work at any possible place of Australia according to your personal choice. 

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  • Visa Subclass 189: As already said before that these skilled migrant visas are quite similar to each other, hence, the visa subclass 189 is quite like the visa subclass 190, which allows you to stay and work in Australia, regardless of its location. This particular visa also allows you to obtain a Permanent Residency in Australia. 

So, now that you are aware of three of the most prominent Australian skilled visas, it’s time to shed light on some of the most effective ways, through which you can apply for any of these visas in a hassle-free manner. 

  • Collect the essential documents

To start with, you will have to submit a couple of essential documents in order to prove your eligibility as an applicant, no matter that whether you are applying for the 189 visa Australia, visa subclass 190 or 489. Whilst you are submitting a few of these documents, make sure that you are producing them to your immigration department in their individual coloured copies unlike black and white. Some of the most essential documents which you will have to submit in order to apply for your skilled migrant visa are:

  • Your Employment Agreements.
  • Documents which prove your present skills and qualifications.
  • All your educational certificates which provide your current academic profile. 
  • A valid driving license.
  • A valid passport.
  • Documents which prove your personal details as authentic.
  • Essential documents related to your financial assets, say for instance, your banking credentials and 
  • A substantial birth certificate which helps you to prove your birth details to your immigration department.

This is probably the most worthwhile way to ensure a successful application of your Australian skilled visa. 

  • Ascertain your eligibility

Before applying for any of the three skilled migrant visas mentioned above, go through the eligibility criteria in connection to it quite well, and, make sure that whether you will be able to meet them or not. Some of these criteria include meeting the desired health and character requirements, age requirements, and in some cases a prospective English language requirement. Besides, you should also opt for a relevant occupation which is compatible with your current skills and qualifications. 

Also, your chosen occupation should be included either in the Consolidated Sponsor Occupation List or that of the Skilled Occupation pertaining to the visa subclass 189 and 190 respectively. So, whenever you apply for a particular skilled Australian visa, always ensure that are you at all eligible to apply for it or not. 

  • Seek valuable advices

So, once you have set your mind to apply for any of these skilled visas, it’s time that you get ready to undergo a tough and intricate procedure as well. There are various processes included in the main visa application procedure, some of which you may find quite complex at times. And, this is the time when you should ask for worthwhile professional suggestions and advices in order to make the entire process relatively less complicated and severe. Opting for valuable advices and suggestions from a competent immigration professional is like an effective medicine which is required to recuperate a critical disease, in this case a sinuous application process of your skilled migrant visa. 

  • Comply with a valid skills assessment

Holding relevant skills and qualifications in a specific sector is not enough, and, you will have to prove them as well to the government of Australia by qualifying in a significant skills assessment test by obtaining the desired score related to it. Also, it’s worth becoming aware of the fact that there are different skills assessment bodies which are relevant to different sectors of Australia. Say for instance, if you have chosen an occupation as a teaching professional, then your performance in your skills assessment test will be evaluated by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, by the Australian Computer Society if you have chosen an IT related profession etc. This is also one of the most fruitful ways to ensure a successful application of your skilled Australian visa. 

  • Meeting the English language requirement

As a part of the visa application procedure, you will also be required to pass the English language test, either by appearing for the PTE or the IELTS exam, by acquiring the desired score in any of them. The former requires you to secure an overall score of 50 whereas the latter 6.0 respectively. 

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Some the ways mentioned above will surely help you to apply for your skilled migration visa successfully. And, to add a hint of professionalism to each of these strategies, the best Migration Agent Adelaide must be your ultimate choice. Your migration agent will help you to carry out each of these ways quite effectively, thereby, ensuring a smooth and successful visa application procedure for you.

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