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Summertime Fashion

Everyone’s favourite season is here. After the dull and gloomy winter mornings, people are now looking forward to bright days, blue and cloudy skies ahead. Summer days maybe annoying in terms of heat, but the possibilities this season brings is unparalleled. Vivid colours, cool new styles, and the chance to create outfits with experimental colours. From quite neutral tones to neon brights, everything works in the summertime. There’s different things that different people go for, but the best and the everyone’s favourite in Pakistan will always be shalwar kameez.


Summer collections are sometimes too common or sometimes too unique to take in all at once. For example this time around everyone has taken up a different route as tie and dye is very much in fashion these days. People loving dressing in it whether its in shalwar kameez or in t shirts and pants, it really is a crowd favourite. Other than this the usual 3 piece lawn suits and lawn pret is still on the go. It is all the rave when it comes to summer and every summer it is the talk of the town. So the shades of summer are not limited… never limited but they are loved by almost everyone no matter what colour, theme, shape or size it comes in, good summer styles are always welcome.

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Apart from the colour themes, different styles make or break a look as well. Shoes are an integral part of this, if not the frontrunners while making this style decision. Hush Puppies shoes and other comfort focused brands come up with options and styles which suit a lot of people. From sandals to loafers and long lasting summer options, these brands have options for all. They can be paired with pants, eastern wear such as shalwar kameez and also casual outfits consisting of jeans.

Speaking of jeans, not everyone goes for the usual open toed pumps and slippers for the summer season. Jeans are perfectly paired with sneakers as well, light toned, pastel loafers or sneakers are a really good options for all ages. Be it men, women, boys or girls, sneakers are a long lasting good options and what better sneakers to buy than converse shoes. These a bit heavy on the pocket but online stores such as JOMO house these pairs and makes sure you get the authentic and right product and also on sale. The reason for the high price for Converse is not just because the brand has a big name, although that is one of the reasons as well, but the quality and durability of these shoes gives you value for your money. So trust us, it really is worth it. Also, white converse sneakers, they’re literally a must with every summer outfit. From t-shirts to pastel collared shirts, blue jeans to khaki pants, a good pair of white converse sneakers is the way to go. It really completes the outfits.


Summertime calls for accessories. Lots and lots of accessories. These can range from scarves to headbands to loud earrings and belts. Make any ordinary outfit special with the addition of some of these epic accessories. You can find these accessories for men and women both… stores don’t discriminate at all. Need a good looking belt or a cool sports cap, we’ve got you covered.

Pairing accessories is a thrill in itself. It might be a bit dramatic but getting the right accessories can make or break your outfit. You want to keep it simple yet be a bit experimental. For example using a scarf as a belt or using an over sized necklace as a belt is stylish and also quite experimental.

If you don’t want to go that experimental, tighten up with a snappy belt. Neon, tan or thick shaped belts are all the online replica lawn dresses and loved by many people. This also doesn’t mean only women can experiment with this fashion, men can just as easily pair cool belts with their outfits.

Now sportswear doesn’t have much when it comes to experimenting. But cool caps, headbands and branded Nike shoes can give a sports outfit that uber cool feel in seconds. Finding authentic Nike or even other sports brands is a hassle in Pakistan, but online stores give just that. Get authentic, 100% genuine Nike products online with free delivery and shop the best athletic wear to your heart and pockets content.

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Now enough about sportswear and shoes. Let’s get down to the main attraction of summers, the epitome of Pakistani clothing brands… the lawn! Apart from the style and status conscious image lawn has gotten, pessimists forget to think about the fact that lawn has and will always be a huge part of the Eastern wear culture. The light fabrics, super fashionable designs and colourful summer prints… nothing matches the status and necessity of lawn more than people who understand the importance of wearing it when out during a hot summer day/night.