Stylish Men’s Sandals to Wear This Eid in Summer


Hey guys. What’s up with you nowadays. Are you in the middle of prepping your summer shoe closet or have you just started thinking about doing it? Either way, the takeaway is, you need new shoes! Some premium quality summer shoes for men that are trendy yet comfortable to wear. Oh and let’s not forget you need new footwear to match with your outfits for Eid ul Fitr too. You should seek premium-quality summer footwear that’s elegant, breathable and trendy, a trendy collection of men slippers, sandals and pershawris. With its international quality footwear, there are so many brands for men’s footwear that are all set to gear up your shoe closet for summers and Eid. All you got to do is visit their retail store or surf through their new collection for summers at their e-store.

But first, let’s look at what kind of summer shoes for men you should be looking for.

Summer Footwear For Men

What kind of footwear do you seek for Eid and summers? I bet sandals mostly. Open toe or closed toe men sandals. Or maybe peshawris. Stylish ones that lift your desi look from head to toe. Or maybe you like wearing comfy slippers or chappals all day every day. Oh, and of course you need breathable yet formal footwear for events and occasions like…. Yes, moccasins. Basically, you need all types to survive summers. 

Peshawri sandals or leather open or closed-toe sandals, slippers or chappals, or even moccasins, look for Pakistani brands for men’s footwear that offer all-inclusive summer footwear lines for men and discover articles that are hand-sewn by proficient and skilled craftspeople to ensure premium quality and trendy designs. 

Elegant Moccasins in Staple Hues

Invest in moccasins that are manufactured using only premium quality finished cow leather because it makes them way more durable than faux leather moccasins offered by some brands in Pakistan. The insoles must be cushioned to keep your feet relaxed and the lining buffalo leather or goatskin to ensure that the shoe is sturdy. Moccasins are perfect for summers as well as festive occasions like Eid but you must buy a pair that allows cross ventilation to keep your feet sweat-free and make walking comfortable.

Hip Peshawris for the Desi in You

There is something festive about peshawris. I for one cannot think about festive events like Eid in particular and shalwar kameez in general without peshawris. You ought to buy stylish and trendy peshawri chappals manufactured using one hundred percent genuine cow leather to make them sturdy and solid. You can check out entire lines of peshawris at various brands’ retail stores or on their website.

Premium Quality and Medicated Slippers

Let’s admit it. We wear slippers the most in summers. In fact, we are always looking for an excuse to wear slippers even when going out and about. We look for two elements in slippers. They should be soft and comfortable. Period. When making a purchase, look for comfy men’s slippers made of pure leather. If those slippers have Reflexole insoles to put pressure on specific points on your feet, well and good because they will help to reduce your stress and keep you relaxed.

Sandals for Supreme Comfort and Ease

For the summer season and Eid, you ought to have closed-toe and open-toe men’s summer sandals made of pure and fine quality cow leather. You can find a wide-ranging collection of sandals that are stylish and extremely comfortable to wear in the scorching summers of Pakistan. Entire collections of leather sandals for men are available at retail stores as well as on websites of various brands of men’s footwear in Pakistan. You need to choose and purchase those that are laden with comfort and style. So don’t wait up. Search for fine quality, stylish and comfy gents sandal, order them up and get your fashion game strong.

Important Elements to Consider while Shopping for Eid Footwear

Top-Notch Quality and First Rate Craftsmanship

Make sure that the footwear you choose is nothing short of quality. Try to purchase footwear that is manufactured using one hundred percent finished cow leather as it would be extremely durable and breathable as compared to faux leather footwear offered by many a brand in Pakistan. Handcrafted by proficient craftspeople, the footwear should be a perfect fit for Eid but must also become a staple for your summer footwear wardrobe and keep you comfortable and stylish all summer long. Two birds, one stone…. You know.

Trendy and Technologically Advanced Designs

Make sure that the footwear is not only trendy in style but also has medicated qualities to ensure relaxation and comfort. Take slippers for instance that you may adorn while going for Eid prayer or while you are spending time with your family at home. Slippers with reflexology keep them a step ahead in the footwear industry and after using this medicated gents chappal, you will not be able to settle for anything less. 

Gentlemen, you need new shoes and that’s about right because, for Eid and the elongated summer season in Pakistan, you need a whole new footwear wardrobe to survive it. There are many a brand for men’s footwear in Pakistan that are worthy of your attention and money spent on them. Refer to online reviews about them on their social media pages. If people are all praises for their products’ quality and excellent service, consider buying from them. In this way, you will increase your chances of getting good value for the money you will spend on their summer footwear collection. So hurry up and stock up on peshawris, chappals, slippers, moccasins and sandals to match with your Eid outfits. Good day and happy shopping.