Strategies that can help you gain a stronghold of the on-demand courier delivery business


uber for courierWhen we talk about ‘global village,’ we are no longer talking about a utopian concept but a ground reality, at least when it comes to business. Exempting times like these when the entire world is affected by the COVID-19 crisis, it isn’t daunting anymore when we have to think about shipping something from the United States to some village in some corner of one of the Southeast Asian countries. The diaspora of people, the growing awareness of the availability of certain goods in certain places, and the possibilities of opening a new business have enhanced the relevance and need for courier services.

Aspects like swiftness, efficiency, and real-time traceability have become the need of the hour when it comes to courier services. There has been a steady growth in demand, and the supply has only been dominated by a few big players.

It cannot be denied that courier services on demand present a different business idea for aspiring entrepreneurs. The success of services like Uber and Deliveroo has only made the prospect of an on-demand courier delivery service offered on an app a go-to business idea. It is true that a courier delivery service app solution can be a nice point to start with. However, it should not be denied that a courier delivery app development alone will solve the entire set of challenges present across the landscape. 

Addressing these challenges can help you stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the market leaders who have established their supremacy over the decades. This business success is a grand culmination of technology, brand identity, impeccable customer service, and of course, flawless and meticulous market understanding.

Let us look at a few challenges and solutions when it comes to the courier delivery service industry on demand.

Beating the competition

If you were to ask any random person to name a few courier services, it is quite likely that they cannot think beyond DHL and FedEx. It might practically be difficult for any business to beat a brand that has built its legacy and brand image over decades of awesome service and aggressive advertising.

However, small companies can consider starting locally or finding a specific niche that they can get it. It might not make a massive dent from the profit landscape of big players, but it will at least help in chipping off a small edge in their market size, which actually means a lot for a small player.

While aspects like order tracking, packaging, and technical innovation still stay at the core of focus, you can differentiate yourself by letting your prospects know that you are equipped with certain features and offerings for a specific niche in a specific market. Once you have created a buzz in the market, and if you can get repeat customers in there, you can slowly start expanding in other directions, maybe in terms of geography or offerings!

Understanding market demands

The problem with the courier industry is that 90% of what the industry can offer remains the same! It is all about transporting a package from one place to another. However, it is the dynamics of the remaining 10% that determine the difference between the successful and the mediocre. It is to be understood that if you were to tap into a specific niche, it is important to understand the market variables that differentiate it from the larger crowd. 

The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs commit in this area is they fall into a trap of assuming that they have understood the market! It might not be enough if you read a few texts and articles. It is important to get market data that has been collected from the ground.

The only solution to this challenge lies in understanding your customers, which, of course, is easier said than done. You will need to step into the shoes of the customers to understand their pain points. One of the biggest expectations of the customer is in terms of accountability. Once the courier has been submitted to you, customers expect that the company takes full responsibility for delivering the package in the intended location, and at the same time, keeping both parties updated about the progress.

Certain lapses because of unavoidable reasons are quite common. However, instead of the customer initiating the communication, it is important for the career company to be proactive so they don’t become a recipient of the customers’ frustration.

Accountability and productivity have to be garnished by a robust customer support ecosystem. Support for your customers should be available across multiple platforms, including but not limited to phone, email, and chat. The chat should be integrated right within your app, so you get vital details about customers even before they start chatting with you.


It might not be an exaggeration to state that the courier industry is quite demanding in terms of manpower. This demand in manpower directly translates into unwonted recruitment of staff and at the same time, completely does not see all the loopholes in the process.

This results in two extremes being presented to the business at the same time –there are certain employees who are extremely occupied and loaded with unexpected levels of work and on the other hand, there are people who are completely jobless. The bigger challenge is that the attributes of being extremely busy and being extremely jobless keep shifting between different pockets of operations.

One clear cut advantage that new players can enjoy over existing players is that they have the space to bring in new technology. Automation has become the order of the day and this means that staff can be hired to optimal levels and certain processes can be scaled up.

One of the first steps that these new players can take in terms of on-demand courier services is in the territory of app development. Bringing in new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence can not only work to make your process efficient but also can function as marketing tools.

This automation and involvement of technology can also help in addressing another major challenge in the courier industry – communication. It is only fair for the customers to expect that they are updated on every stage of their consignment being processed. If the entire system is automated, the communication can be programmed to happen via multiple channels, including but not limited to app notifications, email, and SMS.


There is no question that courier services will continue to grow, and the reduction of human contact as mandated by the ‘new normal’ after the coronavirus crisis will only act as a catalyst in contributing to its growth. If you would like to be one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to capitalize on this new wave of business, all you need to do is research your market and get in touch with a career delivery service app solution provider. The courier app development company will take care not only to build your app but also to customize it according to your requirements and brand language.