Sterling Massage Therapists: Is It Safe to Massage a Cancer Patient?


Numerous health centers are currently offering massage treatment as a correlative treatment for cancer.

In this sense, massage isn’t utilized as a treatment for cancer, as it is not comparable to chemotherapy or any medical procedure would, but it is a technique for assisting with the indications of disease and the symptoms of treatment.

Massage treatment may help with pain, cancer cells growth-related weakness, nervousness, and meets evidence-based guidelines for the fact that women with breast cancer are relieved of stress and anxiety as a result of this popular massage.

Swedish massage also seems to give some sort of relief for neuropathic pain, which is caused as a result of chemotherapy.

It is true that there may be future risks as a result of cancer patients receiving this message but let’s look at the bright side and how you can find an oncology massage therapist in Sterling VA?

Massage is when you gently rub the skin reach to the muscle layer to give the body a sense of calm and relaxation.

Most people are aware with the age-old body massages that existed and massage therapy isn’t much different in the sense that it simply feels good to people and hiring the best massage therapist could help a great deal.

However, it is true that there are many forms and types of these massages, some common types include:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage (This type of massage can help with chronic pain)
  • Classical Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Myofascial massage

Health Benefits

It is generally believed that massage has both physical and psychological benefits. A physical massage may:

  • Greatly decreases inflammation and swelling
  • Improve blood and oxygen circulation
  • Help with sore muscles
  • Lower stress hormone level in the blood

In an Emotional sense, A massage may help people relax, provide a distracting experience that takes the mind off of pain and trauma, and decrease anxiety levels and sometimes, depression as well.

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Benefits for People with Cancer

Naturally, it appears that massages should benefit the ones who are battling with the horrendous disease that cancer is.

Everyone is aware of the excessively intense treatment that chemotherapy and radiations are and the serious and painful effect they have on one’s body so these different kinds of massages do deliver a feeling of comfort and relief for once.

Moreover, since a lot of cancer treatment is meant to treat and fix a tumor, a massage can assist individuals with feeling pampered and at ease as the treatment includes a specialist being committed to your clinical and non clinical well-being. This specialist could be your physician at a hospital or you can hire a pro massage therapist.

A few investigations assessing the likely advantages of massage treatment in oncology have concentrated on very specific treatment.

For instance, a recent report told the advantages of a massage in individuals experiencing chemotherapy, finding that it prompted enhancements in pain, weariness, nausea, and anxiety as well.

Other studies have focused on specific advantages of massage for cancer treatment.

Pain Control 

With nausea and vomiting, massage treatment shouldn’t be utilized as a substitute for conventional treatment rather than medicines, yet may assist with diminishing pain or decrease the amount of medication individuals may require.

It might be particularly useful with pain because of the whole medical procedure but a certified massage therapist may be of help.

The system isn’t surely explored and known by many; however, massage has been found to release endorphins and bring greater comfort to you, decreasing pain in a method that’s highly safe and radiation-free.,

Myofascial massage is believed to be a promising treatment for immediate pain after a cancer surgery and may likewise be useful in improving mobility of the patient.

Cancer Fatigue

Massage has been found to decrease cancer fatigue in most individuals.

While it is not a fatal symptom, fatigue is one of the most frustrating symptoms for people with cancer and often stays for years after treatment has been completed in those who have the disease in early stages.

Cancer itself is a pain in the neck and can really put you into serious stress because your health keeps declining and there’s only a slight amount of improvement.

A 2018 study told that Swedish massage resulted in increasing improvement in cancer-related fatigue for people with stage 0 to stage 3 breast cancer!

Mood Disorders

A few examinations have discovered that massage can diminish tension and stress for patients living with the disease.

On an increasing target level, massage likewise seems to bring down cortisol levels, with this decrease in pressure hormones potentially having other physical advantages too. Reduced anxiety and lowered stress levels have been noted in various studies that have been conducted for cancer.

Remember that you can always hire a local massage therapist so your relatives or loved ones who are suffering from this deadly disease can have the time of their lives once in a day at least!

Of all the symptoms that a massage would help with, depression and mood disorder issues have the most grounded proof. Sadness and mental issues are common in ladies with breast cancer, yet antidepressants lessen the effect of some breast cancer medicines.

What’s more, a couple of studies have discovered that depression is related with lower life chances in ladies with breast cancer.

Possible Risks

Some potential risks include infection. Now, this can be a deteriorating factor to your health as your body is going through a lot already to fight the Tumour, if infected your body would have to have a high white blood cell count that might be hard to achieve as a result of chemotherapy.

It is also believed that if your body has a low platelet count, you might have numerous bruises on your body.

This can be depressing and painful both but in any case, hiring a Massage Therapist is in Sterling VA! Just remember that the benefits are greater than the risks!


As a result, in most cases, it is a wonderful idea to get a massage when you’re under cancer treatment because it relaxes you and not only gives you a chance to think that there’s not just pain in this world but also reduces levels of pain. Hence massages are most likely recommended for a cancer patient but it is still a good idea to consult a physician regarding this!