Speeding Up a Baby’s Recovery With the Help of a Nasal  Aspirator

nasal aspiration

Newborns are more prone to the cold at about six months, say pediatricians. It’s because much of the immunity they obtained from their moms tend to go away at this point in their lives. Having immune systems that are yet to be fully developed can make babies even more susceptible to catching viruses that can cause respiratory infections.

It can be heartbreaking for mothers to see their little ones snotty and unable to breathe without any trouble. Even if their pediatricians say that the problem will surely go away soon and that there’s no reason for them to worry, moms tend to still feel stressed and anxious.

While waiting for the cold to complete its course, there are some things that mothers can do to make their little ones feel as comfortable as they possibly can. One of the steps that they may take is to reach for a nasal aspirator whenever necessary. With the help of this must-have for new moms, babies can have much-needed comfort, and mothers can have peace of mind.

Clearing a Stuffy Nose

When you have a cold, the body attempts to get rid of the problem without delay by driving as many viruses as possible out of the body. The airways have to make more mucus than normal to pull it off. The problem with this is that it can cause the noses of babies suffering from the cold to end up clogged, causing breathing issues.

This is when the benefit of using an aspirator for babies comes in. Modern-day ones that are battery-operated help simplify the task for moms and magnify the perks for infants. By removing excess mucus in the nasal area, babies can breathe better.

Keeping a stuffy nose at bay when the cold is around is also important for maintaining the appetite of babies. They find it less delightful to eat if they cannot smell what’s in front of them. Besides, up to 95% of the taste is dictated by the nose and not the taste buds. When fighting off an infection, babies need to eat to have their bodies supplied with nutrients, most of which are needed by the immune system.

Promoting a Good Night’s Sleep

According to pediatricians, babies need to spend 14 to 17 hours in dreamland per day. Such is necessary for their bodies to grow and develop properly. Newborns battling the cold may find it extremely challenging to sleep because of the various unfavourable symptoms, with nasal congestion and trouble breathing spearheading the list.

Especially when dealing with infections, it is a must for babies to obtain plenty of sleep. That’s because it helps their immune systems, which are not yet in their prime, effectively contain and neutralise the microbes responsible for the ordeal.

So, in other words, failure to get a good night’s sleep may keep babies from bouncing back from the cold as quickly as possible. This is why mothers should arm themselves with a nasal aspirator to unclog their little ones’ nasal passages, thus helping them fall asleep.

Battery-Operated Options

These days, battery-operated nasal aspirators have replaced traditional ones that are messy to use and clean. When shopping for one, moms should opt for those that are coming from reputable manufacturers. They should not settle for products that do not meet high standards, especially because it’s the well-being of their babies that is on the line.