Speaker Buying Guide To Make The Most Out Of Home Entertainment System

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The majority of the people consider the size of the television at the time of buying a home entertainment system. Though picture quality and size of the screen matters a lot, the right type of audio system is equally important. After all, if you are unable to enjoy the crisp sound with incredible bass, crystal-clear low, mid and high range, the whole movie viewing experience will be less than satisfactory.

Below is a small guide that will help you to buy the right type of speaker to make the most out of the home entertainment system.

Speaker Must Be According To The Size Of Living Room

It is the high-quality sound that enhances and complements every gorgeous scene of your favourite blockbuster. Hence, while choosing a speaker for your home entertainment system, it must be ensured that its size is suitable as per the room. If space is scarce, then a compact soundbar will be the right choice.

The power of the speaker is measured in Watts, and higher the power, louder the sound will be. Hence, you can make the selection based on its Watt numbers. However, power doesn’t equate sound quality, and it is recommended to make a choice wisely based on the dimensions of the room.

If you do not prefer going with the mess of cables, then better go with home entertainment systems that support Bluetooth speakers. They can be easily connected through mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the theatre session conveniently with high sound quality.

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What Are The Various Types Of Sound Systems?

While considering the dimensions of the room is important, it is the type of system, your taste and budget that matter most. Regardless of the size of the home entertainment system, its aesthetic is another vital aspect since the system hampering your room’s interior design is the last thing you want.

Below are various types of speakers from where you can make the right selection:

  • Floor standing speakers – They are full-sized speakers that must be placed on the floor. Though they vary in size, you can select the ideal one that will meet your requirements.
  • Bookshelf speakers – These are highly compact speakers that can be adjusted on raised surfaces. You can either mount them to speaker stands or place them on bookshelves.
  • Center channel speakers – Center channel speakers form an integral part of a home entertainment system. It may be placed at the centre, ideally between left and right-sided speakers.
  • Dolby Atmos Add-on Speakers – If you are looking forward to experiencing a Dolby atmosphere, then you must consider installing some fantastic Dolby Atmos Add-on speakers with your home entertainment system. They come as either upward-firing or in-ceiling variants.

What Makes Soundbars A Great Alternate To Traditional Speakers?

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In case you have a limited amount of space; still, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a home entertainment system by opting for soundbars instead of regular speakers. Sleek and flexible design makes them among exceptional choices.

Soundbars are known for delivering highly powerful audio compared to ordinary speaker systems. Some of them are featured with in-built Dolby Atmos technology with high-quality speakers.

What Makes Satellite Speakers Among The Right Choices?

Also known as surround speakers, they can be purchased separately and added to the existing home entertainment system setup. Being small and compact, they will fit discretely into your room without the need for altering the present setup. Satellite speakers are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and prices.


The overall size of the home entertainment system and individual speakers must match the room measurements. One may take suggestions from a professional to make the right decision.