Some ways to edit a photo after posting on facebook


Like numerous other social stages, Facebook doesn’t permit photograph altering subsequent to posting. When the photographs have been transferred, you can’t modify them in any capacity. This may appear to be unjustifiable to certain clients, however things seem as though they will not change any time soon, if at any point. Before going down if you are facing any issue regards facebook then contact
facebook customer service which will help you in finding the best solution immediately and effectively. We should inspect the reasons why and see what should be possible. 

Facebook and Editing Photos After Posting 

For instance, you’re at a gathering and you’ve made a progression of snaps with your amigos. You choose to transfer the pics to take the remainder of your companions for a ride you’re having. You open Facebook and transfer the best photographs of the pack, neglecting to add stickers or harvest out a companion that is passed out alcoholic on the love seat. 


In the event that you open your post again and attempt to alter it, you’ll just have the option to alter the photograph depiction, labeled individuals, and spot where the photograph was taken. You’ll likewise have the option to set the photograph’s perceivability, and that is the place where the altering alternatives end. 


Facebook’s unyielding about not allowing its clients to modify photographs in the wake of transferring them, as that would open Pandora’s case, so to say. It would permit individuals to alter in bareness or add other improper stuff to the pictures that have just passed Facebook’s security and rule checks. Some shrewd programmers may seek retribution on their ex by adjusting their photographs and getting them restricted. 

What You Can Do 

With photograph altering unmistakably good and gone, we should perceive what should be possible when you see that a photograph you posted or inserted in a remark is some unacceptable one or could be enhanced. 

For one, you can add new pictures to an image post on your profile, gathering, or page, and supplant the first photograph. You can likewise erase and transfer another photograph into the remark or notice. At last, you can supplant the inserted connection of the picture you remembered for a remark. How about we perceive how to do these things. Or you can be smart and save time using a Facebook cover maker altogether.

Supplant the Picture in a Post 

Suppose that you’ve distributed a post on your page or profile that incorporates a photograph. Remember that you’ll need to alter the photograph on your PC. In the event that you’d prefer to supplant a photograph in a post with its altered variant, you ought to do the accompanying:

Locate the post you’d prefer to adjust. 

  • Select ‘Alter Post’ 
    • Snap on three flat spots in the upper-right corner of the post. 
    • Select the Edit Post choice starting from the drop menu. 
  • Snap on the three flat spots in the right-hand corner 
  • Snap on Photos and Videos 
    • This will permit you to transfer your new, better photograph in a similar post. 
    • Select the photograph you’d prefer to add to your post and affirm. Presently, you can return and erase the first. 
  • Return to your post and snap the three-specks once more. 
    • Click on delete photo button to eliminate the first, unedited rendition. 

Replace the Photo in a Comment 

You can supplant a photograph in the remark likewise. You’ll need to alter the photograph on your PC and afterward transfer it rather than the first. Here’s the means by which it’s finished: 

  • Discover the remark that incorporates the risky picture. Here’s our remark: 
  • Snap on the three little specks close to your comment. 
  • Select the Edit choice. 
  • Snap on the X catch to eliminate the current photograph. 
  • Snap on the content box of your remark and press together Shift and Enter keys on your console to open another line. 
  • Snap on the Camera symbol. 
  • Select the altered rendition of your unique photograph. 
  • Snap on the content box once more. 
  • Press Enter. 

Change the Photo Link in the Comment 

Facebook allows clients to connect to photographs from outside locales in their remarks. Since you’re meaning to supplant a connection to a photograph that is on another site, you will not have the option to alter it. Here’s the way to change the connect to a photograph on a Facebook comment: 

  • Locate the risky comment. Our underlying remark resembles this: 
  • Change Photo Link Original 
  • Snap on the three little spots close to your remark. 
  • Select the Edit option. 
  • Erase the connection of your first photograph. 
  • Replace it with the enhanced one. 
  • Snap on the Save button.