Some Of The Best Branded Window ACS You cans Bring Home


Meta Description: Window ACs is still popular with a large segment of Indian consumers. Here is a list of the best branded window ACs you can find today.

Of the two primary air conditioner types — window and split — split ACs have gathered somewhat of a storm in the Indian market. Out of all the leading AC brands, like LG, Samsung, Voltas, Carrier and Blue Star, you will find that the split AC models sell the most.

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The split AC marketplace represents 70 to 80 percent of total AC sales in India. In some brands these days, you’ll find that window AC models don’t even exist as further innovation isn’t possible. The Daikin air conditioner brand is one such AC manufacturer.


Brands cite the reasons for the shift from making window ACs to split ACs as being small differences in prices of the two types, superior technological innovation in split ACs and their sleek designs. While all these factors help split ACs, window ACs is still in demand.

Window AC Brands with Latest Technology

To this day, with all the good publicity for high-end split ACs, people still ponder over the decision to buy a split AC against a window AC. The choice depends entirely on individual needs and room sizes.

With most of the Indian population in the lower economic strata of society, the window AC still holds some sway. This is why top brands like Samsung, LG and Blue Star still make them, as well as high-end brands like Hitachi and Carrier.

Many windows ACs, like models from Samsung and Carrier, have sensors for different functions like regulated cooling. Blue Star ACs has adopted sensors to detect temperature changes. With window AC vanes that swing four ways in LG and Hitachi ACs, there is uniform air distribution.

Hitachi and Samsung window ACs come with air purification and filtration of allergens. Brands like Hitachi and O General make advanced and expensive models compared to Haier and Whirlpool, showing a consistent demand for a window AC  price not being the only purchasing factor.

Reasons for Buying Window ACs

Though the cost of a window unit will work out to less than a split AC model, there may be a minimal difference between a high-end window AC and a budget split AC. Window ACs still hold a place in the Indian market because they offer easy installation, mounted on a wall slot or over a window.

Installation may be more affordable as window ACs lack complex ducting. Maintenance is inexpensive too. For compact Indian homes, average consumers prefer a window AC, price will factor in this decision too and in general, it makes more sense to purchase a window AC.

Some of the Best Window ACs  

Although a Daikin air conditioner may not come in a window model, there are just as reputable AC brands that make the best window air conditioners today. Here are some models from premier brands:

  • Hitachi Shizuka Window AC (RAW518HDEA) – This is the latest in the series of 1.5 ton models from Hitachi. The AC comes with the brand’s own distinctive expandable inverter technology, which expands the capacity of its cooling according to your requirement. With an eco-friendly refrigerant and a 5-star energy rating, its performance is unbeatable.


  • Blue Star AC (5W18GBT) – This 1.5 ton AC has a highly efficient rotary compressor and enhances cooling, despite rising external temperatures. With a 100% copper on the exterior, the machine is assuredly corrosion-free and cools fast.Clever adjustments of internal room temperature make this a smart buy, and it comes with a 5-star rating, ensuring you of its energy-efficient operation.


  • Carrier Estra (CAW18SN5R39F0) AC – With a sleek wood panel design, this 1.5 ton window AC has 5 star rating, and an intelligent cooling system. The mode to save power switches off the fan when the compressor is off.The smart guard in the machine ensures that the compressor stays off for an extended period of 3 minutes on resumption of power, in case of power outages.


  • Whirlpool Magicool AC – This 1.5 ton model has a 5-star rating that reduces at least 35% on your power bills. The 5S is a popular model, with super cooling of turbo proficiency levels. The AC makes appropriate adjustments depending on temperature, and saves costs.


  • Voltas Copper AC – The model 185LZH is a 1.5 ton AC with a 5-star rating to curb your energy bills. With excellent and quick cooling, this is an affordable model.


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