Some Information On Latest Popular Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrency can be said as a token or digital money taking the form of “coins”. They are the mainly intangible medium of exchange. The word “crypto” refers to cryptography allowing a cryptocurrency to be exchanged, generated and stored with any harm. Cryptocurrencies are introduced to relieve people from governmental control. They are gaining popularity these days and are growing in such a way that the next one may be introduced tomorrow.

Although, cryptocurrency like bitcoin is a pioneer among the latest popular cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Zcash and others are also in trend nowadays. Analysts play an important role and are also constantly working on evaluating these cryptocurrencies as it is important for them to rank coins related to each other in terms of market capitalization. Here, we are going to have a look in some of the trending cryptocurrencies.

List Of Latest Popular Cryptocurrencies

1 Bitcoin

Bitcoin tops among the cryptocurrency list in world. Bitcoin was introduced in late 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. On 3rd January of the same year, he created a bitcoin network and mined the first block of the chain also called a genesis block. Bitcoin is a digitized token without a single administrator or a central bank and is most famous in the world of cryptocurrency.

2 Litecoin

Litecoin was created by Charlee Lee and was launched in 2011, and is an open-source payment system not controlled by any central authority. It uses “scrypt” as a proof of work which can be decoded by CPU’s of customer-grade.

2 Ethereum

Next in our list is Ethereum, which was introduced in 2015. It is a decentralized software platform enabling DApps and Smart contracts to run without interference, fraud and downtime. Ether is the token that is mined using Ethereum.

3 Dash

It was introduced in January and is regarded as a concealed version of Bitcoin and offers more anonymity due to the fact that it works on decentralized master code network making transactions imperceptible. It is also gaining some rank in the list of latest popular cryptocurrencies.

4 Zcash

Zcash also called as ZEC, was introduced in 2016, offers selective transparency and privacy of transactions. It takes its concept from https by having a record of transactions on blockchain but hiding the identity of both sender and receiver.

5 Monero

Its development is entirely donation-based and was launched with a strong focus on scalability and decentralization and introduced in  2014. It uses the technique of “ring signatures” in order to provide complete privacy. It has attracted lots of attention from cryptographic communities.

6 Ripple(XRP)

Launched in 2012, it is a real-time global settlement instant, low-cost international payment with end-to-end transparency. Ripple’s consensus ledger, which is the method of its conformation makes its structure not requiring mining. As a result, network latency and computing power are saved. 


It is one of the latest digital cryptocurrencies launched in 2018. It was created by Dan Larimer. EOS is designed after ethereum offering platform for developers to build decentralized applications. EOS also brought a revolution due to the fact that it lacks a mining mechanism to produce a coin. Instead, block producers have rewarded EOS coins based on their production rates.


As said earlier, the cryptocurrency field is growing at a very fast pace and will rule the future. In terms of market capitalization, Although, bitcoin leads in the list of latest popular cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies like ripple and ethereum are getting popular for enterprise solutions. Since more and more cryptocurrencies are emerging but time will reveal which cryptocurrency will lead current cryptocurrency price. Since cryptocurrencies are still in trend and are going to rule the future, they affect the way of doing the transaction.