Solutions for GPS tracking system

GPS tracking system

The GPS tracking system was designed with a view of collecting vehicles current location data and display it on the map. The usage of the tracking device is very simple and is quite convenient, it allows us to see all the records in real-time and also saves the data in the database which can be obtained at any given time in the future. The GPS trackers provide information such as the coordinates, speed of the car, and various other things.

GPS tracking systems are very convenient and easy to use. It can be used for a single car or for fleet tracking The GPS tracker gives the current location and the speed of the car in real-time. GPS tracking technology is considered to be the basis for a successful fleet business. It is the most effective and prominent way for the fleet companies and their managers to keep an eye on their vehicles, trucks, and fleet cars and support their car drivers. GPS car tracking system installation guide is available on the internet. You can easily install a tracker in your car with the help of the internet.

Fleet tracking was not easy before the development of the satellites. The GPS tracking tool has become very necessary for managing the vehicle assets of the business. Telematics give the required data for monitoring and tracking, and also status reports, fuel consumption, and the behavior of the driver. Most of the GPS tracking solutions provide the same kind is service however, it is based on the installation of the hardware system. It is as simple as plugging and playing the device inserted in the vehicles OBD ll port but there are some services that have complex requirements.

After installation, the information then is displayed on the central dashboard of the vehicle for monitoring, recording, and management of the vehicle. The information mainly includes the location of the vehicle. Using GPS data will provide accurate information. It can also track how the vehicle is driven and can rip off the undesired behavior such as over speeding, rash driving, and excess accelerating which reduces the life of the vehicle. And can also be dangerous for other vehicles or pedestrians. Here are some of the best tracking software.

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  1. Samsara

Samsara provides a united platform for fleet management companies. It is way more than a simple GPS tracker as it offers other facilities such as dashcam, wireless sensors for refrigeration, and some document apps for delivery purposes. The GPS tracking system offers the capability of increasing productivity and reduction in fuel cost and labor cost. The system does this with the help of some features. Samsara also provides dashcam to keep an eye on the driver’s behavior and provides convenient routes to avoid traffic jams. It collects video in HD quality and gets uploaded in the cloud. The cam also provides audio alerts when there are any chances of unsafe conditions. Another feature of the cam is that it perceives the temperature around the refrigerated foods and alarms whenever there is a fluctuation in the temperature.

  1. Advanced tracking technologies Inc

Advanced tracking technology inc (ATTI)  provides GPS tracking solutions to its vehicle owners and fleet management companies. It monitors the vehicle’s current location, its use, and the behavior of the driver. It also keeps the record of fuel consumption and maintenance of the car. All the facilities provided help in improving the quality, productivity, and efficiency of the car. An alert alarm is sent if the driver drifts away from a  particular region. ATTI  also provides service for GPS asset tracking where you can keep an eye on the trailers, bulky containers, vehicles with heavy and expensive equipment, etc. Overall they provide a lot of features. However, the hardware they use is not the simplest but it is not that difficult to install.

  1. USFleetTRacking

This company performs both functions as a manufacturer and as a provider. It offers different hardware options depending on the requirements of the vehicle. They offer a simple device where there are no wire requirements, a different type of three-wire connections, and there are various other accessories. They provide their own software platform that means there is no need to download any other software, only login details are required and can be operated with the help of desktop or mobile devices. One of its features is that it gives notification of speed, ignition, and use as well as mileage and geofencing features. All these features make your vehicle more secure, get rid of the driver’s ill behavior, and prevents wastage of the fuel.

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