Sneak Peek: How to Get Secretary Job in Hong Kong

secretary jobs in Hong Kong
secretary jobs in Hong Kong

Are you looking for a secretary job in Hong Kong, if yes then read this article to find out the quick insights about this profession and evaluate your chances to succeed as an office secretary. To begin with, this profession around the world is a well-respected one. So, let us first talk about what is the role of a secretary in the office.

Get Secretary Jobs in Hong Kong

An Office Secretary binds the office together and strategically maintain the smooth running of the office by doing a variety of administrative and clerical duties. The role involves work such as, to handle office schedules, organize meetings and visits, categorize files, answer phones and perform a plethora of other vital tasks. Secretaries usually work directly for company or management, and with experience may also oversee other admin staff.

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Some of the job titles for which secretaries are appointed are:

  • Administrative Executive
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Associate
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Executive Secretary
  • Office Assistant

Secretary jobs in Hong Kong are important to be filled in every industry, particularly Law, business, education, medical. The development ladder for Secretaries is steady and progressing in terms of monetary benefits.

Job description for office Secretary in Hong Kong

  • To answer calls and provide information to people, take messages, or do call transfers to required employees.
  • Receive visitors and take care of their inquiries or help them find the appropriate persons as per their needs.
  • Develop, manage and sort information to create a database.
  • Use various computer applications, like word processing, database management.
  • Work on office machines, such as fax, copiers, or phones and organize for repairs when equipment malfunctions.
  • Manage schedules for executives.
  • Take care of travel arrangements for executives.
  • Make invoices, Memos, reports, letters, financial records, and other business documents, using word processing, database, or presentation software.
  • Organize and control office services, such as records maintenance, departmental finances issues, budget preparation calls, personnel issues, and housekeeping.

Skills one may need for office secretary jobs

  • Accounting Software’s
  • Database Interface and query Software’s
  • ERP software’s
  • Graphic software’s
  • Project management software’s

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  • Clerical Experience— Experiences of administrative and clerical work, like word processing, managing and sorting files and old archive records, stenography for dictation and transcription, preparing forms, and other office procedures and processes.
  • English proficiency— Ability to use the structure and content of the English language and grammar including rules of composition.
  • Computers Knowledge— hands-on with computer software and applications.
  • Administration and Management Ability— Experience in business and office management and also knowledge of principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources planning, leadership memorandum, production facility along with people and resource coordination.

So, if you are looking for a secretary job in Hong Kong then read all these important steps follow this article and get a job that you want in the industry.

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