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Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur is one of the most remarkable institutes which has a reputation for inspiring students and revolutionizing education. Located in the heart of Rajasthan, the university shapes students to create a niche for themselves in the discipline of Engineering or Management. Their vision is to ensure that students participate in an inclusive and progressive community wherein they could push their limits and work together in collaborative disciplines to generate exceptional outcomes. Students are fostered in an environment that gives enough importance to extracurricular activities and provides concentrated resources to help individuals achieve their goals and aspirations. The campus is bestowed with state-of-the-art amenities and world-class education. Industry experience and the platform to collaborate with some of the most successful companies is one of the many distinctive features of SPSU and makes it amongst the list of top universities of Rajasthan. It also has an impeccable track record of 100% placements for the last two years, which ensures a secure future for those who wish to enter the corporate world right away.

To top off the journey, SPSU is a breeding ground for aspirants who wish to delve into international education.

Courses and curriculum:-

SPSU is a part of the University of Udaipur and has a meticulously planned curriculum to unlock most of the student’s potential. Let us take a look at the courses and their eligibility criteria to understand what would be in store for an aspirant:

School of Engineering

  • Biotechnology Engineering- Duration 4 years. SPSU is one such university that has taken up the responsibility of promoting the field which has a significant modern-day application. Keeping in mind the scope of the discipline and its use in various industries, it has rapidly gained popularity amongst students. The laboratories at the top University of Rajasthan have sustainably been developed to provide students with the best infrastructure and make sure that any lack of facilities does not hold them back from pursuing what they want. Pass in 10+2 Science or its equivalent examination from a recognized board is required.
  • Civil Engineering- Duration 4 years. Civil engineers are of paramount importance for the infrastructural development of a city or any other place. SPSU recognizes the integral role that they play and hence has curated the curriculum to help students explore industrial opportunities in order to give them practical experience. The department boasts a well-equipped ICT infrastructure to support the course requirements. Passing in 10+2 Science or its equivalent examination from a recognized board is mandatory.
  • Computer science and engineering- It is a Four-year professional undergraduate course. The students pursuing Computer Science and engineering are engaged in various aspects of computing involving the design of microprocessors, PCs, and supercomputers to writing software that powers them. Specialization in cloud technology and information security and AI & Machine Learning, SPSU retains its name for being among the top universities in Rajasthan by encouraging digitization and incorporating the best optimization techniques. Students acquire analytical skills, sharpen their logical reasoning skills, and deliver with integrity. Passing in 10+2 Science or its equivalent examination from a recognized board is mandatory.
  • Mining Engineering- Mining is an essential part of our economy and is useful for multiple industries as minerals and other raw materials are vital for many processes. SPSU caters to the student’s needs to promote a lucrative career and provide ample opportunities for the same. Passing in 10+2 Science or its equivalent examination from a recognized board is mandatory.
  • Electrical Engineering – Electronics engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and supervising the manufacturing of electrical pieces of equipment, like power generation systems, navigation systems, communication systems, etc. Moreover, they also design essential electrical systems of aircraft and automobiles. Specifically, embedded systems are the integration of hardware and software packages designed to automate the essential processes. Passing in 10+2 Science or its equivalent examination from a recognized board is mandatory.

Other M.Tech and doctoral programs are also offered at this university.

School of management

  • BBA
  • Com
  • MBA
  • PhD programs


This branch of the University of Udaipur is competent, robust, and dynamic to train not only an entire community of leaders in domains of engineering and management but also has strong industry and international collaborations to open multiple avenues for the students. It has a remarkable placement record and a rock-solid alumni network which helps them inculcate the best of values and skills. SPSU is one of the very few institutes to offer the kind of education which could provide students with a gateway to IES exams and even excel in those. Learning is a continuous process in a person’s life and is instrumental in shaping their personality. It is of paramount importance to engage in an environment that not only promotes growth but should also not require massive investments to fulfil one’s dreams. Sir Padampat Singhania University in Udaipur is a university that has this vision at its core and encompasses many such progressive ideologies.


Before enrolling for a course or a college, it is of paramount importance to understand that not only would you avail what it has to offer academically but also to be a part of an ecosystem that would govern your personality. Hence, research, understand, talk with alumnus, visit the campus, consult students and faculty, look it up online, and go through virtual tours to make an informed decision.