Signs That You Need to Get A Home Energy Assessment Done

Signs Home Energy Assessment

Your home needs the power to keep all the appliances working as they should. However, often your home may be wasting energy in the form of electricity and gas by using too much power to cool or heat the house.

Your home can develop cracks that may go undetected, or the parts of the home that are designed to be sealed may develop leaks.

All of these issues can result in higher than usual energy bills, and you may end up having to pay more than you should. That is where home energy assessments come in, and you can get them from roofing and energy assessment companies such as Red Oak Exteriors.

During a home assessment, the assessment crew will look at various aspects of your home that may be using too much energy and suggest ways to bring the energy utilization to a normal level. However, a lot of homeowners aren’t sure when they should get a home energy assessment done.

So to help anyone who might be wondering about the signs that tell them when to get an inspection done, we have put together this helpful article, and we suggest you read it until the end.

You should call a roofing Installation company if you experience the following issues

Your home will start giving you subtle and sometimes clear signs. With that being said, here are some signs or issues that may require a visit from a roofing Installation company to assess your home energy usage:

Inconsistent interior temperature: When your home interior is sealed correctly, and no cooling or heat is being lost, your home interior temperature shouldn’t fluctuate. Your HVAC unit maintains the home temperature in the desired range set by you.

However, If your home interior temperature is constantly fluctuating despite your HVAC running, then it may be a sign that you need a home energy assessment.

There may be an air leak taking place in one or more parts of your home, or your home HVAC system might have a leak in the duct system. An energy assessment will help you in pinpointing the cause of inconsistent interior temperature.

Your home HVAC unit is old: If you have been using your home HVAC unit for more than 15 years old and you suspect it may be losing its efficiency, then you should schedule an energy assessment to confirm your suspicion.

A roofing company will have a home energy inspection checklist, and your HVAC unit’s condition and age are one of the checklist components.

If the HVAC unit is too old to perform its function correctly, then the energy assessment report will inform you to replace the old HVAC with a new one. So Instaling Solar Panel Installation in Colorado can be a good option.

You are experiencing dryness or moisture inside your home: Your home interior is meant to stay at a comfortable humidity level that means your home shouldn’t feel moist and mouldy, but at the same time, it should be too dry.

If you are experiencing excess moisture or dryness, your home HVAC system will be working harder to maintain indoor moisture levels, increasing the energy bills. So if you are noticing changes in your home’s moisture levels, then a home energy assessment might be in order.

While these are just some signs that you need a home energy assessment, you can also get a home energy assessment done if you are receiving big energy bills.

Or you can get a home energy assessment if you are about to sell your home because buyers might be interested in knowing your home’s energy efficiency. Not to mention a good home energy rating can add value to your home.

If the home energy audit report shows significant issues that need to be resolved, you can often get them fixed by the same company that performed the assessment.

The fix may be as simple as resealing the windows and doors, or a significant fix such as a new roof installation may be required in some cases.

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