Shimla and Manali Tour Packages from four Metro Cities

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If you too want to spend your vacation in the lap of nature, under magnificent and magical surroundings, try Himachal. The spectacular beauty and the peaceful environment will fill every inch of your soul with joy and calmness.  Manali and Shimla have always been favorite spots for all the mountain lovers, hikers and campers. The cities hold some of the most famous attractions like Mashobra, Manikaran, Hadimba temple, jogni falls, the famous church of shimla etc. A lot of adventurous sports such as paragliding, sledging, rafting, horse riding, river crossing etc. can be enjoyed while being in Shimla and Manali.  A 5 days trip is enough for covering both the cities and exploring them.

The cities can be visited throughout the year, as they always hold something magical for the travelers to encounter. While if you are looking for a summer getaway then they should book the Shimla and Manali Tour package between March to June, and if you want to witness the snowfall on your window panes the best time to visit is from Oct to Feb. Chandigarh is well connected with all the cities of the country through air transport and railways, hence is easy to reach. The distance between Chandigarh and Jaipur is 507kms, from Delhi it is 256kms, while from Mumbai it is 1655kms.

Shimla and Manali tour guide-

The Shimla Manali  tour itinerary-

Day 1, the tour operator picks the travelers from the Chandigarh airport and then the trip heads to Shimla which is around 8hrs drive from Chandigarh, throughout the journey, one can see spectacular views and relax. We reach Shimla by evening where you can relax in the 4 star property and have delicious food.

Day 2, the trip leaves for Kufri, which is a high grassland which is located 15kms from Shimla, the scenic beauty and the picturesque beauty will fill your soul with great pleasure. People generally prefer doing small picnics and horse riding there.

Day 3, after breakfast, the trip leaves for Manali, which is 250kms from Shimla and takes around 8hrs to reach there. Throughout the journey one can see spectacular mountain tops, with rivers flowing aside them. At night one is given a 4 star hotel where one can relax and enjoy the local market.

Day 4, The Manali Shimla trip leaves for Rohtang Pass or Solang valley, whichever is open as Rohtang pass is only allowed to visit for 7 months a year. The picture perfect spots and the calmness of the place fill one’s heart with joy and peace.

Day 5 is the day when all the local sightseeing is done in Manali city, where the tour takes you to some of the most famous places of Manali city where you can see the culture and the beauty of local bazaars. The trip covers places such as Hidimba temple, manu temple, Jogni falls etc are covered.

Day 6, after breakfast the trip heads back to Chandigarh.

When to visit Shimla, Manali-

The cities can be visited throughout the year as the weather is pleasant all the time, while if one is looking for a summer retreat one should visit the place from March to June, and if one is looking to experience snowfall then the cities should be visited from Oct to Feb.

Places to visit in Shimla-

Shimla has been known as the summer capital since long and it still holds that beauty which attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. The place has to offer you spectacular views, with dense green forest which surrounds the city. A lot of famous places such as the famous Church, mall road, the gaiety heritage cultural complex, kufri, mashobra which is the valley of love are there for you to explore in the city. Apart from the cultural and historical importance the city holds a lot of fun filled activities can be done, such as horse riding, sledging, and skiing when in Shimla. The city has beautiful cafes and nightlife, all of them are situated in the heart of the city.

Places to visit in Manali-

Manali has always been the first preference for honeymoon couples, families and groups as the city has to offer all the adventure, beautiful mountains and river streams all together at one place. A lot of hikers, trekkers and campers are in love with the Manalis serenity, beauty and peace. Hadimba temple, jogni falls, mall road, Manu temple etc. are some of the beautiful famous locations people love to explore in Manali. Manikarna is a beautiful spot in the outskirts of the city, which is famous for the hot water springs and also holds a mythological importance of the Shiv, Parvati tale. Apart from this the city has some of the most authentic cuisines and beautiful, luxurious stays and hotels, to fill one’s heart with calmness.

Things to do in Shimla, Manali tour-

Apart from witnessing the calmness, peace of the city and sightseeing there are a lot of fun filled activities which can be done by the travelers. People can experience some adventures like river crossing, zip lining, paragliding, sledging, skiing, river rafting, camping on river shores etc. For all the trekkers and hikers the cities offer various two day treks and camps.

Distance from Chandigarh to different cities-

Chandigarh is kept as the starting point, for most of the tours for Shimla and Manali, as the city is situated very near to both the places and is very well connected to all the metro cities through railway lines and airways. The distance between Chandigarh and all the major metro cities is mentioned below.

Starting Point Destination Distance by road Distance by air
Mumbai Chandigarh 1655kms 1344kms
Jaipur Chandigarh 507kms 437kms
Delhi Chandigarh 256kms 239kms
Chennai Chandigarh 2455kms 1994kms


Best Shimla and Manali package tour-

Roaming Routes provide the 5N/6D, Shimla, Manali tour package in 21,000INR, which is inclusive of all the travelling through A.C busses, sightseeing, stay at 4 star luxurious hotels in all the cities (Manali, Shimla and Chandigarh), two meals a day which is lip smacking and delicious ( breakfast and lunch) and no hidden charges or taxes are applicable apart from the cost provided.

Roaming routes have been known for their great hospitality services and the hassle free and comfortable trips. The founder Mr. Anurag aims to create beautiful memories for all the travelers which are under budget. They have successfully conducted a lot of trips in the past and have successfully made their customers happy. The past travelers say they provide you experience worth every penny spent and highly recommend the organization to the other travelers as well.

They have been known to fill the trips with joy and laughter while creating some beautiful and spectacular memories for them which they can cherish all their lives. The company even provides the option of customization of their tours and can be fully customized as per the personal preferences of the travelers.

If you are looking for an exotic vacation check out their official site to find more about the company and their different packages to various locations.

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