SharePoint Consulting – Use Business Intelligence Features to Make Calculated Decisions



Importance of decision making based on numbers

Making decisions based on intuition and experience may bring enterprises’ revenues down. Decisions based on numbers yield better results and ensure predictive business outcomes, drive revenues and help in business continuity planning. An enterprise which relies on decisions based on information outperform and produce better results. While decisions based on available numbers and information are crucial, today an enterprise’s business intelligence system should be in a position to provide real-time and accurate information.

Today organisations have realized the need of information, yet they follow obsolete practices of exchanging and processing information. This leads to a lot of man-hours wastage and adversely affects workforce productivity.

Where does data resides?

Everyday thousands of data are generated and stored in excel sheets, which are shared by information workers and managers. These data are shared among management teams and further processed for decision making. This process of exchanging and processing the data to form meaning full reports take a lot of time and effort. Due to this, decision making processes get delayed and might have an adverse impact on an organisation’s strategic plans.

Besides, data resides on isolated systems which are located in dispersed locations and assessing these data from geographically dispersed locations becomes a tedious task. Information also lies in silos and retrieving them becomes a tedious task.

Business Intelligence – the need of the hour

Today organisations are adopting ways and means to fortify their business intelligence capabilities by having a full fledged business intelligence(BI) system in place. Business intelligence system helps organisation make informed and calculated decisions based on actionable data. BI finds its place across the industries especially those where data play a vital role. Concepts like real time BI, mobile BI and self service BI resonate across organisations to facilitate better decision making and to provide critical metrics to monitor business functions.SharePoint consulting can help organisations build a centralized platform where information workers can retrieve information from a single source. SharePoint BI features can also provide rich data visualization, drill down reports and KPI’s for better decision making.Contact For Sharepoint services calagry More help.

How SharePoint Consulting Helps – SharePoint Business Intelligence & Reporting

SharePoint consulting can help organisations build a centralized platform based on SharePoint framework and help information workers with access to information and retrieve thousands of excel sheets directly from a single Sign-in. This eliminates the need of exchanging emails and regular follow ups for required reports. SharePoint Performance-view services can help organisations build rich business intelligence dashboards to make informed decisions. SharePoint’s fast excel services can perform thousands of analysis instantly and can give actionable reports based on information available in the system. Enterprises can benefit from using SharePoint BI services and stay ahead of the race by making quick decisions based on real time data.