Save Money By Getting Your Phone Unlocked!

unlocked phone

When someone buys a phone, there’s every chance that your network locks it into its system. This makes the phone incompatible with SIM cards from other networks, forcing you to take out a plan with only them. This can’t be told why networks do this, but the fact is that they do, and it could make you miss out on another provider’s cheap SIM-only deals and exclusive offers. But not if you unlock your phone. Some might say that this is illegal but despite what you might have heard, unlocking a phone is perfectly legal. It has been made easier than ever, and you can usually get it done directly through your network. Hurry up and unleash the true money-saving potential of your phone.

The process of unlocking!

Here are some points to ponder if you are going through the process of unlocking your phone.

  • Why should you unlock your phone?
  • How to tell if your phone is unlocked

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Remember that this guide is for unlocking phones, not unblocking them. The phone is blocked by a network if it is reported as lost or stolen, and unblocking it is illegal.

Why should you unlock your phone?

There are certainly so many good reasons to unlock your phone. Here are some of them explained:

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You want a cheaper contract

  1. If you are so keen on a contract and your network does not give you a cheaper tariff the only option is to take your business somewhere else and get a SIM-only deal. But unlocking your phone is very important for that.
  2. When you get the device unlocked, do the mobile phone deal comparison tool. This is to make sure you haven’t gone through all of this to get a duff deal.

You want to use a local SIM in abroad

  1. Roaming fees have been banned by the EU. There’s a chance that one has to pay extra to use phones in other continents. Some networks have said they have no plans to reintroduce roaming fees if the European Union is left, but that’s far from a guarantee.
  2. If you’re traveling beyond the EU, you’ll have to pay roaming fees already. One of the cheapest solutions is to buy yourself a foreign SIM and use that instead but for that too, you’ll need an unlocked phone for this to work.

You want to sell your phone

Want to upgrade your phone? Well, now that you know how much you could get for recycling your old phone, check out eBay and see what the going rate is there.

If you decide that selling your phone is the best choice left for you, make sure it’s unlocked first. Even the UK’s most popular network only has about 30% of the market. So make sure that you are not trying to sell a locked phone, otherwise, you’ll be missing out on at least 70% of potential buyers. And, when it comes to online retail, fewer buyers means lower prices.

Since unlocking your phone can cost money, you should do some research. You have to check whether or not locked versions of your phone are going for that much less – otherwise, you’ll end up losing money and also look for the places that provide inexpensive services. You would want to sell your old phone for the best price, otherwise, this will all be a waste of time.

How to check if your phone is locked

Before you go through the process of unlocking your phone, you should check whether it’s already unlocked.

In order to do this, you’ll need to try using your phone with a SIM that is of another network other than your own. If your handset is locked, it will automatically appear on the screen.

Sometimes you are still not sure, in that case, try calling it from another phone to see whether it’s working or not. If it rings, this means that the phone is unlocked.

If you don’t have a spare SIM, get your hands on a free SIM. Or, if you can’t wait for it to be delivered, you can simply ask your mates and see if they’ll let you borrow theirs for a couple of minutes.

If you can’t take the risk of unlocking your phone, head over to any phone repair shop to get it unlocked.

In summary:

Getting a phone unlocked is totally normal and legal. You have to do this otherwise your phone will be of no value.

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