Sarkari Naukri over a Private Job


Government jobs are the most sought after jobs as they come with job security for life. This is one of the few reasons why the competition is so high among candidates who want to apply for government jobs. Even after the candidates get their respective jobs, the competition does not subside. To grow within the company, the individual has to be at the top of his/her game. The government of India has started the Sarkari Exams to allow the individuals to apply for the government jobs if they qualify in the examination. 

There are a few websites including,, etc that provide information about these Sarkari exams. The websites provide information about the eligibility for the exam, syllabus, and the exam pattern that the conducting authority would follow. Sarkari exams can be considered as a stepping stone for the candidate to enter the government job sector. While some exams are conducted for mechanical labor, others are conducted for important positions such as research scientists in government bodies such as DRDO, ISRO, HAL, etc.

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There are Sarkari exams conducted throughout the year for various government jobs. Some government jobs are so popular that half the working population of the country of India apply for it. The competition is so high that the number of vacancies compared to the number of people that apply is very small. Most often it happens that a few people try for years together to qualify these exams (for example UPSC, DRDO, ISRO, etc). Candidates who graduate from the top B.Tech colleges in India also get left behind in the competition for government jobs. 

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Advantages of Government Jobs:

  • Government jobs are well-known for their steady and good pay with respect to the fluctuation in the economy.
  • Job security in the conditions of a cold-hearted job market and a really uncertain economy. Private companies can remove their employees for non-sensical reasons such as cost-cutting or downsizing.
  • Government employees are ensured with the added benefit of a tension-free retirement as government jobs are ensured with a good pension plan. 
  • Government jobs are also added with the benefits of having a medical insurance plan not only for the individual but also for his/her family too. This is a really great perk as the cost of medical care is getting increasingly expensive. 
  • Some Government jobs give the individuals a sense of serving their country by helping in keeping it safe, clean, and in keeping the people educated.

These are only some points of a government job. There are a lot more benefits that an individual will experience depending on the type of job and the location of the job. However, the individual has a choice of job location with respect to some jobs, whereas in jobs associated with the ISRO or the DRDO, the individual will not have a choice about the job location. 

There are a lot of Sarkari exams that are conducted specifically for the citizens of a particular state. These exams are usually not that well known and an effort must be made in educating students about these too as it will give them a better chance of getting a job. A lot of online portals including,, etc are making an effort in providing information about these exams so that people all over the country can stay educated and apply for the exams. 

Individuals who are still pursuing their education need to realize that, in the high competition out in the job market, applying for a government job is the best way to kick start their career. There are Sarkari exams being conducted for almost each and every field being taught in the bachelor’s courses. Students in the Top B.Tech colleges in India are made to compete for the jobs available in many MNCs’ or private companies as that would be a form of good reputation for the college, but these students will have a higher scope for growth in the government sector as their in-depth knowledge about the topics will make a good addition not just for the company but also for the country. 

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to government jobs too. Some include the pay in the private companies are higher than what the government can pay for the same job and the stress of working in a government sector is really high as the individuals will have a lot of competition to succeed to a higher position in the government sector. 

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