Running is not Shedding your Belly Fat? Know Why

women is running

Isn’t running a comparatively easy and free way to lose weight? You don’t have to pay a gym fee to do so and it effectively burns calories. But many people complain of not shedding the unwanted and stubborn pounds on the belly with running. To begin with, it is a common concern and it is fixable.

No, there is nothing wrong with running. It’s one of the best exercises. You are not just doing it right. You are making one of the common mistakes that people make when they decide to run for weight loss. I’m struggling with belly fat too. And it seems to be as intact and stubborn as my Internet security protectionhard to get rid of and never stops worrying me!

Well, it can get frustrating when you are putting in so much effort and not getting any results. Here are some of the main reasons for not shedding belly fat.

Eating Too Much

When you start running or indulge in any exercise program for that matter, your metabolism will get better. This can make you hungrier because your calories are already being consumed quickly. Don’t fool yourself into the mentality that since you have worked out, you have earned another small meal or a dessert. You are burning 300 calories and consuming an extra 300. If you are doing this, that’s the reason you are not getting rid of belly fat.

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Not Eating Enough

Consuming very few calories can be an issue too. If you are eating too little your body will switch to survival mode and will start conserving calories. This will slow down the metabolism. It can also lead to extreme hunger. You don’t want to end up binge eating, therefore, maintain a decent diet as advised by an expert.

Eating Too Much Sugar

Are you controlling your diet but eating loads of added sugar and refined carbs? That’s the reason then. processed food and sugary foods contain tons of calories. Some instances are pasta, doughnuts. White bread, alcohol, crackers, and the list is never-ending. They spike the insulin levels and lead to fat accumulation in your body and that includes belly.

Not Monitoring Your Diet


Since you are trying to achieve your ideal weight and get rid of those extra pounds, you need to maintain a balanced diet. Keep your focus on whole foods including complex carbs, healthy fats, and adequate protein consistently throughout the day! Maintaining a diet journal could be a good strategy to stick to food monitoring schedules. It will remind you not to indulge in reckless snacking.

High-Stress Levels

Controlling your stress levels is perhaps the most effective rule of getting rid of the abdominal fat. Stop stressing. Anxiety can increase your weight. Stress can sabotage all your slimming goals. You know the major reasons, which cause stress for you. Learn to keep them in check and avoid them. You will do all your weight loss efforts a favor by doing so.

Sleep Deprivation

If you are not getting adequate sleep every day, it has a negative effect on the stress hormone, cortisol levels. If you are sleeping less than 6 hours, it may be the reason for your stubborn abdominal fat. If you are in a situation, where you can’t sleep during the night due to work, you should sleep in the day to make up for the lost sleep.

Over Exercise

Don’t go overboard while exercising. Take it slow and easy. Consistency is the key. You can get rid of it a day or two or a week. You can upset your cortisol balance with over-exercising and access to endurance exercises.

Focused on Cardio

If you want to lose weight effectively and swiftly, don’t focus on the cardio too much. Instead, incorporate strength-training exercises. You can do them thrice a week at least to build the muscle mass. It is not possible to reduce belly fat instantly with strength training exercises. But it will make the weight loss process more efficient.

These exercises will engage your abs and strengthen your muscles. Consider doing squats more often. You can also add bench presses, deadlifts, and other exercises in your exercise regimen.

Not Expending Enough Energy

Here is another possibility. You may not be running enough. In order to be able to start shedding weight, a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of running is essentially required on a daily basis. You need to run at a comfortable pace and eventually increase the running time to 45 minutes. For those who want to improve the overall health and lose weight, running 20-30 miles a week would be a good start.

Running is one of the most effective exercises. I was watching a fitness channel with one of my cable TV deals and I figured out so many people run for weight loss. It is the most recommended exercise and the easiest too. So do that plus avoid all the aforementioned things, and you will be able to witness a trimmed waistline soon. Good luck!

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