Rules For Student Visa That May Apply In Australia


The Ministry Of Immigration, Australia presents visas to the interested students who want to come and study in Australia. This visa is designated as visa subclass 500 and allows the student to study in Australia, depending upon the degree and the discipline they are enrolling to study. The ministry also allows them to work for a specific period under this visa. However, the visa has a lot of regulations underlined in its conditions list, failing which the student may face cancellation. Therefore, it would be beneficial to read the fine print and act accordingly.

The benefits

The holder of the student visa subclass 500 can avail of some services while he or she comes to Australia for his or her studies. The list of benefits enjoyed by the students due to this visa can be listed as;

  • The applicant can enrol in (CRICOS) registered full-time courses.
  • The candidate can apply online from within or outside the limits of the Australian border.
  • They can bring their partner and their child, provided he or she is below 18 and unmarried. 

The finer points 

The visa for the students has conditions that are needed to be fulfilled to ensure the acceptance of it by the ministry. However, these conditions are often intricately connected with the benefits and therefore need to be deliberated further. Some of the advanced points the applicant must keep in mind during their application process can be surmised as;

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  • The study conditions

The rules of the visa suggest that the student must do what they have presented the visa for, i.e., studying. So, the ministry expects stringent obeying on the underlying conditions of this visa, which are;

  1. The course must be registered in CRICOS and the student must continue his or her enrolment to avail of the visa.
  2. The enrolment cannot be devalued, which means that the course that is enrolled in cannot be less in valuation than the course the visa was provided for. The student cannot also re-enroll in any old course level.
  3. The student has to keep and maintain the regulatory attendance level for each course level. The attendance must also span the entire study period, so bunking lectures are not an option.
  4. The student has to make satisfactory progress on each course level during their studies. it would be great for their career to score than the bare minimum marks required.
  • Conditions of working

Pertaining to the main target of the study, the ministry has also directed several conditions for the work parameter of a student. The most significant points on the visa are;

  1. The international students have a specific work condition. They are prohibited from working in any employment for more than 40 hours in two weeks, while the course is in session. The Ministry is quite fixed in these matters. Although you can change your work hour in a week, still it cannot go over the stipulated 40 hours. However, this restriction does not apply during certified holiday times. The student can work for as many hours as they want in the holidays. 
  2. The students studying in Master’s or Doctorate degree will also have no restriction of work hours, however, they are required to finish their courses within the visa period.
  3. The students are not allowed to work with payments unless their course has commenced. The international students, however, are entitled to the same rate and benefit any other person working in that job, overseas or otherwise. Putting off study time to work instead will result in the cancellation of the visa.
  4. The overseas students are allowed volunteer work without any time restriction. However, the students must keep the following conditions in mind before starting volunteer work;
  • The student must continue fulfilling all other conditions related to this visa.
  • The student shall choose work that will not be taken up by another australian person.
  • The work has to be non-profit, i.e., the students shall not demand or receive remuneration in any form (monetary and otherwise). 
  • The insurance condition

As per the existing rule, the overseas students must have valid and proper insurance while they are enjoying stay inside Australia. The insurance must be present at all times during the stay, and it cannot be opted out or changed to a sub-standard one. The student must show proof of Overseas Student’s Health Cover or OSHC in their application. The time frame of the insurance shall be at par with the staying period; otherwise, the student will be considered to have broken the visa conditions and deported.

  • Keeping the conditions

The student visa financial condition must be fulfilled at all times. It means that the overseas student will have to prove the access and availability of funds he or she has displayed during the visa application. The student must have the equivalent of the amount need to complete their studies, which comprises of the 12-month course fees, living costs, and the flight home. The students will also have to have access to an annual income and a bona fide access to funds, which may be a student loan, financial deposit, and other types of financial support. 

  • Certified accommodation

The visa rules are quite clear for under 18 students coming to study in Australia. The students will have to provide proof that they have welfare support and accommodation to the education provider within seven days of arriving in Australia. For staying, the student can choose between living with a custodian (a parent, nominated relative, authorized custodian, or nominated custodian) who is aged 21 years and have character clearance; or in an address provided by an Australian government-certified accommodation. Any change in address has to be notified to and approved by the education provider.

The final word

In addition to these rules, and probably the most important one, is that the student cannot be associated with any misconduct. Any police case and the visa stands cancelled. Therefore, they need to be away from any illicit activities. To know more about these finer points, it would be better to call a Migration Consultant Adelaide and fix a meeting.

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