Top Road Trips in Luzon to Strike off Your Bucket List


An anonymous quote reads, “Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music.” This is a relatable saying especially for those who resonate with the purring of the engine and the endless sight of the road. Road trips on a vacation are even more thrilling as you drive from one magical location to another with a little help from this list.

The Philippines is an archipelago country and driving around is impossible but the largest island Luzon offers amazing roads to cruise. These top road trips in Luzon focus on traveling from the country’s capital Manila to nearby destinations in and around the province. We guarantee this list will get you on your feet, rushing to book last minute flights to Manila.

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Batangas: A Short Drive for Happiness

This is the shortest road trip on this list but also a much-needed journey. You could pair it with another road trip from this list to extend your travel. Driving from Manila to Batangas takes about two to three hours but the scenic views will leave you begging for more. You will pass through Makati City, San Pedro and Lipa City before reaching Batangas.

As you enter Batangas, you are greeted by a board that reads, “Welcome to the Land of Valiant.” Batangas is filled with rich culture, pristine beaches, stunning peaks and delectable food. The road to Batangas is beautiful but to make the trip even better take a detour to Anilao for some epic scuba diving. If beaches and mountains aren’t your things, Batangas boasts some mesmerizing mountains to scale like Maculot and Batulao.

Baguio: A Scenic Trip to the Mountains

Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines as it boasts chilly temperatures all year round thanks to its location; lying in the lap of a mountain range. The road trip from Manila to Baguio is about 158 miles and takes about 4 hours non-stop to reach. However, if you need to rest you can stop at Angeles City and Ilocos to have some hot chocolate to combat the cold weather.

The drive is amazing as you move through winding roads with huge rock formations trailing along with you. There are mini waterfalls and lakes as you near the city. However, the best part of this trip is the backdrop of the mountain range closing in on you as you reach Baguio.

Baler: A Mystical Ride for an Unforgettable Journey

Baler is a quaint little town in Aurora Province and is 171 miles from Manila which takes about 5 to 6 hours to cover by car. Although the first half of the drive is through hustling cities, the second half is drop dead gorgeous. The only route to Baler is through a mountain pass which makes this one of the top road trips in Luzon.

The best place to stop is at Cabanatuan City where you can get something to eat and rest before you embark on the rest of your journey. As you near Baler, you’ll get to experience wild zigzagging roads with the picturesque view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. You will also drive through Aurora National Memorial Park; this is without a doubt the most beautiful route of them all.

Naga City: A Long Drive for Serenity

The heart of Bicol region, Naga City lies 238 miles from Manila City and although it is a long drive, it is totally worth it. Even if you are an endurance driver make a night stop at Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel San Juan. Begin your journey again before the sun rises to avoid the heat.

You pass through the Quezon National Forest Park with steep turns that test your driving skills. Stay calm because once you are near Naga City, you are greeted by rows of lush greenery on one side and the open sea on the other. This drive is breathtaking and tiring but no great road trip story begins with boarding a bus. So, fasten your seatbelts and get geared up for a once-in-a-lifetime drive.

The top road trips in Luzon are perfect for those who believe in the journey far more than they do in the destination. Each road trip on this list is not just scenic on the road but also magnificent once you reach the destination. So, what are you waiting for? Get packed, book flights and travel. iEagle is the best place to find reasonable and quality flights to the Philippines.

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