How to Repair the Roof Lining of a Car?


Most car owners pay attention to the engine, wheels, transmission, and upholstery of the car, but overlook the roof lining. However, the roof lining is also an essential part of the interior and needs the same level of care and maintenance as other parts.

The fabric you see across the ceiling of a car is known as the roof lining or headliner. Most people don’t pay attention to the fabric, but it also undergoes wear due to heat, moisture, and dirt. The heat on the roof of the car melts the adhesive that holds the foam under the fabric, and it starts sagging.

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If not repaired at the right time, the roof lining starts sagging more and tends to fall entirely. Therefore, it becomes essential for car owners to take care of their headliner and repair it as soon as it starts sagging. Let us check the best ways to repair a car roof lining.

Glue it back

Once the headliner starts sagging from corners, it is very easy to fix it using glue. Any glue will not work on the headliner as there is a special glue for this task. You can buy the headliner glue from a store selling car spares. It comes in the form of a spray can. You need to spray the glue under the edges of the fabric and put it correctly back in its place. Then press it firmly to make it stick precisely on the foam underneath.

Double-sided tape

Although it is a temporary fix, the double-sided tape can hold the roof lining in its place until you get it fixed permanently. The method is useful if the headliner is sagging from the edges. You can hold the edge and put double tape on the inner side of the fabric and press it back in its position.

Using Sequin Pins

If the fabric is sagging from the middle of your car ceiling, it is not possible to fix it using glue. You can use the sequin pins to fix it back in its place. Although using pins is not a permanent fix, they can hold it for a few days or a month until you don’t get it fixed permanently. Sequin pins are available at any store selling stationery items.

Steam Cleaner and Paint roller

The headliner of a car starts sagging when the glue under the fabric starts melting due to the heat from the roof. The heat melts the glue, and the foam and fabric both start sagging. The glue stays under the fabric, but it hardens on cooling. Therefore, you need to melt it again to stick it back, and you can do it easily using a steam cleaner.

Spray the hot steam from the cleaner on the fabric so that it melts the glue. Then press it back with the paint roller to stick it back on the foam. The steam cleaner also cleans the fabric of the dirt and dust, hence serve a dual purpose. You need to use the paint roller and steam cleaner simultaneously to fix the sagging liner back in its place. If you find it difficult to use the roller, you can also use your hands to place the fabric back firmly.

Replace the headliner

If the headliner of your car is sagging from several areas, you need to replace it.  You will need some tools to replace the headliner like a screwdriver, spray adhesive, wire brush, an X-acto knife. There are many screws and accessories that secure the headliner and keep it fixed to the ceiling.

Removing the headliner

You need to use a screwdriver and knife to undo those screws and remove the accessories like support handles, cabin lights, rearview mirror, and sun visors. After removing these accessories, you need a friend or helper to hold the headliner and remove it from your car.

Remove the fabric from the foam

After removing the headliner from the car, you should put it on a flat table or the floor. Take the knife and use it to remove the fabric from the foam. After removing the fabric, you will notice some dried Styrofoam material on it. Take a sandpaper or wire brush to scrape it off completely.

Paste the new fabric on the foam

In the next step, you need to paste the new fabric on the foam. It is best to clean the foam thoroughly before pasting the new fabric. Spray the adhesive uniformly over the foam and then paste the fabric steadily. Make sure to avoid the development of creases on the fabric while pasting it on the foam board. Let it dry completely before installing it in your car.

Install the headliner in the car

The last step involves installing the roof lining back in the car. Make sure to take the help of a friend and put back all the parts like sun visors, cabin lights, support handles with all the screws. After installing everything in its place, check all the screws to ensure you have not missed any screws.

Final Words

These are the tips to repair and replace a car roof lining. It is easy to use the methods for repair, but replacing the headliner might be challenging. To replace the roof lining, you can hire professional services like mobile car roof lining repairs northside and get a high-quality job by spending some money.

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