Rent a Car And See The Best Views in Los Angeles


Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, CA, KW

Everyone dreams to visit Los Angeles. This popular city is known as a place of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Also, people come to LA to have the best weekend even without spending money and visiting these tourist places. How is that possible? You should remember that Los Angeles is a city of beautiful landscapes. Mountain views, the Pacific Ocean, cityscapes are worth much. You badly need a car to have achance to see everything

Pay attention to airport services. 24-hour car rental in Los Angeles can help you to find the best car in the shortest terms. To book a car you need to make 4 easy steps. Just find the car rental service, pick the car, pay for the car, buy insurance. There is always a chance to find the lowest car rates when paying online. Just find the cheapest car, book now, and pay the rest when you pick up the car. Online booking is really smart. And now, let’s mark the route!

Hollywood Sign

Where to go in LA and around?


  1. Go to Hollywood Hills

The world-famous Hollywood Hills are included in a MUST VISIT list of all travelers. You shouldn’t lose this opportunity! The most beautiful views are situated here. On the other hand, this is your chance to meet the most impressive city views on the way to the hills. It’s like you feel the heartbeat of the city when you try to cut your way through the broad streets, extravagant buildings, and impressive gardens. It is a debatable issue what is the most beautiful, the rumored streets or the hillsas they are.

  1. Go to Beverly Hills

This city region is the most reputable place in LA. It is famous for its stunning neighborhood and crazily interesting places. Each and every street cries out of city history, modern boutiques, beauty salons, and world popular restaurants. Drive your car on going to Rodeo Drive. Make a stop at the Sunset Boulevards, and a gorgeous Civic Center. The last one will impress you with its manicured lawns and towering trees. This place is able to boost up your spirit! And the Coldwater Canyon Park is worth spending an hour or two.

  1. Go to Santa Monica

Looking for the most romantic place in the area of LA, go to the beach. Everyone knows that Santa Monica is the best-visited beach location, situated right on the ocean. Summertime is a place of crowds, street concerts, and marvelous ocean views. Do you want to join a free live band? You can do that! Just get out of your car and walk or bike around.

Santa Monica Beach


  1. Go to Pacific Palisades

You should know that the LA area has many more places to see. If you want more beach views on your vacation, go to Pacific Palisades. Here, it is better to stop the car at the camping parking and go hiking. You’ll have the ocean from one side and the wild nature from the other. So, where are you going to stop? Go and try the hiking trails inPalisades Bluffs park. Also, you are welcomed to visit the Temescal Canyon Gateway Park which is famous of its gorgeous views of the Pacific Palisades and the ocean. If you have enough time, you should go to the Will Rogers State Historic Park and explore it through and through. One way or another, you’ll take the best photos and a sense of peace.


  1. Visit Malibu

Malibu is a legendary place where people from all over the country come to have some rest. Actually, this is a place, where you can get some luxury activities. Nevertheless, you can come here even without a penny to climb up the Solstice Canyon and take the most beautiful trail with a waterfall at the end. Don’t be surprised when meet people walking the dogs. This is a dog-friendly tail either. If you don’t want to intensify your efforts, El Matador State Beach offers the best peaceful views, fresh air, and a clean beach to lie on.

Whenever you go in LA, you need to rent a comfortable car to feel good. Traveling in the summertime don’t forget about the air conditioning and topless cars. They really suit a Californian lifestyle. LA is a city of always-good-weather so that you will never worry about what car brand you should pick.