Ayurveda has been there in Indian medicines for centuries now. People have been using ayurvedic medicines and ingredients for ages to cure a lot of skin, hair and health ailments.

One can use all ayurvedic products so that they can lead a healthy life ahead. Here are some popular ingredients which have been used in almost every ayurvedic products so that one can get the benefits of those products.


This is a kind of shrub which is mainly grown in India and the meaning of the name of this herb is strength. Thus, herb is said to increase the vitality in the human body by balancing all the stress hormones. One can add the powder of ashwagandha in their regular morning tonic or else they can take it regularly as a supplement.


This is said to be the ultimate brain tonic according to the Ayurveda and the leaves of this herb also looks like a brain shape. This can help in balancing both the left and right part of the brain and operate with them. This can help the brain to act all balanced and keep calm by taking decisions in a normal state. It also helps in opening the pineal gland which increases the intuitivepower. One can take them either in supplement or in a powdered form which are both brains boosting.

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This is a spice which is originated and is found in almost every Indian kitchen. It removes all the excess Kapha from the human body which is a kind of a dosha according to Ayurveda. Too much of kapha in the body can create issues like weight gain, mucus, phlegm, clammy hands, lethargy and many more. One can cook with some whole cardamom pods in the recipe or else they can brew tea with it. Ground cardamom can go really well with black tea and one can intake their regular dosage of cardamom with that.


This is another ayurvedic spice and this plant is mainly grown in countries like Africa, Asia and Europe.  This one is hugely beneficial when it comes to digestion. If one has an excess of Vata in their body then it can lead to insomnia, constipation, cracking joints, dry skin and other issues. One can use cumin in a digestive enhanced tonic along with fennel and coriander and this can be a proper health boost for them.


This has some red root and it has cooling properties for the blood. One can have them if they are suffering from any kind of imbalance, hyperacidity and many more. It can also help in clearing the acne and it can regulate the liver and kidney functions. One can take it as a powder or as a tonic.


This one is used a lot in Indian cooking. It has anti inflammatory properties and some anti depressive elements as well. One must take a daily dosage of turmeric to lead a healthy life.

Ayurvedic product companies use a lot of ingredients apart from the above mentioned ones like Haritaki, Neem, Bhringaraj and many more for a healthy life.

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