From the Ashes: How To Rebuild After a Fire at Home

fire at home

You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of your smoke detector going off. You manage to rush everyone out of the house. Once the fire department leaves the premises, you’re horrified to see that the flames devastated most of your property.

What are you supposed to do after a fire at home? You had precious heirlooms. The computer you were using for work is no more, and you’ve lost a lot of your clothes.

It’s easy to feel helpless after something this horrible happens, but you can rebuild. Check out this fire restoration guide to learn how to get started.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The first thing on any fire restoration guide is getting on the phone with your insurance company. They’ll send someone out to access the damage in your home.

Don’t step a single foot into the building until they arrive. The structure will be unstable after a house fire. Something could fall on you, or you could get electrocuted.

While the restoration service does its job, find alternative housing for you and your family. The insurance company will protect your home from looters until you get back.

Go Through Your Belongings

Once you get clearance to go back into your home, you’ll have to go through your belongings. Anything salvageable will be sent off for cleaning.

Throw all the food straight in the garbage. It doesn’t matter if it looks edible or not. There’s a good chance that the soot has contaminated it in some way.

Your medicine and cosmetics should get the same treatment. Throw them in the trashcan with the food.

Clean up the Debris

As long as you’re wearing a mask, you can take part in fire damage restoration. We will say that it’s better to leave it up to a professional, however.

The ash and soot contain cancer-causing chemicals. Restoration services are better suited to protect themselves than you are. They’re also specially trained to handle the clean-up process where you are not.

Start Moving Your Things Back In

Once all the house fire repairs are finished, someone from your insurance company will come out and do an assessment. If your home is deemed safe to live in, you’ll be able to move your cleaned belongings back in.

We will say that the restoration company won’t get the building back to its former glory. You’ll have to hire a separate contractor to handle that.

Rebuilding After a Fire at Home

Rebuilding after a fire at home seems like an impossible process. When you look around at all the damage, it feels like your entire world has ended.

Getting back on your feet won’t be easy, but your insurance company can give you a hand. They’ll send out a restoration service to clean up the place and make it safe to live in. The sooner you get in touch with them, the more of your things they can save.

When everything’s repaired, you can start decorating the place. Check out the Home & Decor section of our blog to learn how to return your house to its former glory.