Reasons Why You should Visit Sharjah with Airblue


Sharjah is called the gem of UAE. Though all the cities in UAE are liked by the tourists, Sharjah has a different place in the hearts of the travelers. Generally, when people come to UAE, they prefer spending their time in Dubai because of its commotion and energetic life. However, when they start discovering Sharjah, it immediately becomes their all-time favorite.

The enormous souks, elegant cultural heritage museums, and the serene stadiums are the things that will impeccably furnish your UAE tour. Throughout the year, the weather in the city remains mild and friendly; which eventually means you can come here at any time of the year. If you are coming from Pakistan, you should prefer Airblue online flight booking because of its topnotch services and hospitable staff. In today’s piece, we will tell you why you should visit Sharjah for at least once in your life. Let’s get started.

1.    The Streets Are Not Overcrowded

Unlike other cities of UAE, the streets and markets in Sharjah are calm and peaceful. It is mainly because the city is not flocked by the tour groups. The serenity of the city will offer you an amazing opportunity to discover the authentic feel of UAE. Though you might see the crowds during weekends or at the events, but generally, the environment of the city remains cool and calm. So, Sharjah should be your next stop if you are searching for peace of mind.

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2.    The Delicious Meals

In Sharjah, almost every main road is awash with stalls of delicious meals and deserts. The Arabic sweet shops here are full of tasty meals that will certainly satiate your hunger. Similarly, some unique items such as Kunafa and Shawarma will also compel you to lick your fingers. Kunafa is basically a cheese caked layered with honey and rose syrup drizzled on the top.

3.    The Museum of Islamic Civilization

The Museum of Islamic Civilization showcases a plethora of ancient and historical artifacts that has great significance in the history of Islam and its followers. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the religious, social, and scientific customs and revelations made by Islamic scholars and common people. It is a profound museum that will open your soul, leaving you with a new admiration for Muslims in our world and all the services they have offered.

4.    The Barbeque in the Desert

Because Sharjah is a small city, you can reach the Arabian Desert by driving for 10 minutes out of the city. Many people go there on weekends to enjoy the barbeque parties and desert environment. Once you go there, you will notice that have pulled their car on the side roads, with the blankets and other commodities. The evenings here are quite hectic because of the presence of large number of people.

5.    Karak Tea

The Karak tea of Sharjah is also quite famous among the travelers. The milky blend of spiced tea and endless desert is the thing that will haunt you for your entire life. People order the karak tea while sitting in their cars and have lovely conversations. Similarly, various families also take a quick break of the tea while returning from somewhere. So, if you want to witness the simplicity and raw beauty of Sharjah, this activity is ideal to do so.

6.    The Beach of Al Mamzar

Al Mamzar is the point that connects Dubai and Sharjah. It is not only a beach but also a park for the residents of the city. You will have lots of options here to ward off your exhaustion. You can either relax on the shores, or have a barbeque party with the friends. Similarly, you can also play different games at afternoon. The lush green trees and pristine grass of this place will certainly leave you spellbound. Surprisingly, this place is also famous for the best hotels in Dubai.

7.    The Elegant Shopping from the Central Souk

To get all types of souvenirs and gifts, the Blue Souk or the Central Souk is the most vibrant spot. Here, you will like almost everything you see. From the painted plates and bowls to the lavish perfumes and carpets, it looks as if all the things have arrived here from heaven. You can spot this souk from anywhere in the city because of its sparkling blue tiles on the outside.

8.    Buhaira Cornice

Buhaira Cornice is an ideal place for a relaxing walk. Here, you will notice people enjoying in the water and dancing in the fountains. The colorful waterfront is the primary attraction of this area and it shoots water over to 100 meters. It is the place where the people of all the ages and profession can gather and recreate the memories.

We have unveiled all the primary reasons that can compel you to visit this city. If you have any questions regarding your trip, you can ask in the comments section below.

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