Reasons to Wear Swim Caps


If you’re just starting your liking for swimming and you have long hair, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a little annoying to swim with your hair on your face, dragging in the water.

Now, before you start on your next swimming activity, we highly suggest that you invest in custom swim caps that are reliable and affordable as this would make your swimming more comfortable, especially when you’ve started training to become a professional.

We’ve listed down some important reasons to wear swim caps:

  1. A swim cap keeps your hair off your face to help you focus on swimming seamlessly.
  2. Wearing a swim cap helps you swim faster by reducing drag in the water. Swim caps work far better compared to just tying your hair in a ponytail because wearing a swim cap keeps small hairs around your forehead and neck secure, additionally, you won’t feel your ponytail being dragged in the water.
  3. Swim caps protect your hair from harmful chemicals in the pool, yes they are not designed to keep your hair dry but they do an excellent job of protecting your hair from chlorine damage, saltwater, and other chemicals, and
  4. Wearing custom swim caps helps you stay safe. If you wear a bright-colored one in open water, it’ll be much easier to see you because you’ll be visible even from afar. Other swimmers and rescuers can see you easily and you’ll be saved immediately if something wrong happens.

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Is wearing a swim cap necessary?

It is not 100% necessary but if you have long hair of about more than 6 inches or longer, wearing one is highly recommended. Furthermore, keeping your hair secure under your swim cap means there are fewer chances of your hair shedding when you swim, this would help keep the pool clean. Whenever hair falls out in a pool, it ends up in the filters that can lead to clogging and making the water dirty. This is also the reason why pool operators often require swimmers to wear swim caps — wearing one can also reduce the chances of hairstyling products ending up in the pool like hairspray or hair gel, especially when a swimmer doesn’t wash their hair before going into the pool.

When you’re swimming on a public pool, there are chances that the administrator of the place requires you to wear a swim cap, this goes the same for swimmers with longer hair or not, even if you don’t have hair, it is still necessary to protect your scalp from a heavy-treated pool.

Moreover, there are other swimming gears that you may find useful such as:

1. Earplugs

Earplugs are also highly suggested for swimmers because it acts as a shield to your eardrums and protects them from getting water inside your ear canals which could lead to infection.

2. Nose Clips

Not all swimmers use nose clips, however, there are different advantages that come with it — this is beneficial for beginners as it assists them with breathing control. Most of the time, beginners struggle with breathing as they learn to work out their breathing patterns.

3. Swim Snorkel

The use of swim snorkel helps you balance out your strokes while swimming — it allows you to focus and correct your body position, core rotation, and lets you do a consistent kick.

We hope this article is a huge help in providing more information about the reasons why you should wear custom swim caps when swimming. Furthermore, swim caps are essential swimming gear for you, especially when you engage in a lot of swimming activities.

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