Read The Latest Buyer’s Guide On Best Washing Machines In India


Be it a student living alone or a couple with a giant family, everyone needs some handy electronics like the best washing machine in India to sort their problems of dirty and stubborn stains. And that’s why we chose to write this feature to support you in deciding how to purchase that one washing machine, meetings your everyday cleaning and drying needs.

What Do You Need To Look For While Buying A Washing Machine?

1) Its capacity

Ranging from 3 Kgs to 11 Kgs approximately, you will myriad of options in the electronics store. You need to be able to decide how many clothes do you wash daily at once? Do you have a regular job where you have multiple uniforms? Or is your family quite big with at least 2-3 people working? In such cases, it becomes mandatory for you to search for the best washing machine in India which provides you the loading capacity up to 10-11 Kgs.

2) Materials used for the Drum or the Washtub

From porcelain to stainless steel, washtubs are manufactured with a number of materials. But, if you are looking for stability and longevity, we would recommend stainless steel as a must-buy. Definitely, the best washing machine with stainless steel drums or washtubs can be a tad expensive. If it does not put pressure on your monthly or quarterly budget, you can simply invest your dibs on this electronic item for a long term returns in terms of seamless washing experience.

3) Price range

Despite the attractive features, the best washing machine needs to fit your bill also. If you keep on searching around you or over the web, the current price range of the washing machine dangle between 4,000-40,000 rupees easily. Therefore, if you can afford a washing machine around Rs. 15,000, then you will get a great machine with significant features. In the end, the washing scenario at your place will improve, and you will be less worried about the stains.

4) Loading style

If you are a student or a young couple, you can take up the front-loading style without any issue. Otherwise, if you are slightly older with regular back pain, it is preferred that you use the top-loading form. The best washing machine depends upon your own comfort. The front-loading washing machines are always automatic and render your clothes as fresh as new. On the other hand, a top-loading machine is faster, quicker, varying in features, and automation like a semi or fully. This is not available in the front-loading machines, as they are always fully-automatic.

5) Size of the drum

It depends upon the size of your family. You need to check whether you would need a small or medium size drum. If the load of the clothes is not much or the frequency of washing your clothes is not daily, then a small drum size can work just fine. And the best washing machine in India for a joint family would be with the full-size drum.