QuickBooks Component Repair Tool: Easy Method To Download and Way to Use It For Fixing Errors

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When it comes to handling financial tasks of business then Quickbooks accounting software hits everyone’s mind. This incredible software has left its impression on thousands of professionals. But these features still can’t conceal the flaws. Quickbooks is prone to some risky technical bugs, errors, and glitches that stop users from performing their tasks. This is where the role of the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool comes into action. Intuit created this tool to fix numerous QuickBooks errors that occur during installation, updating, or while working on it.

This is a free tool which can efficiently fix hundreds of Quickbooks errors automatically. Using this tool not only saves your time but also increases your business growth. So, downloading and installing it is highly beneficial for you to make your business reach a high level. In this informative post, a simple method to download and use Quickbooks Component Repair Tool. Let’s start by explaining the tool first.

Brief Into QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

This repair tool is developed in such a pattern that it can repair issues on its own. There is no extra configuration required to use it. You just have to tap on the tool and then leave everything on it. The tool is crucial as it fixes errors related to:

  • Microsoft components
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Visual C++
  • Framework
  • Microsoft MSMXL
  • Installation errors
  • It also deals with Error 1603, 1935, 1402
  • Quickbooks Database Server Manager Updates Error
  • And many more

So, it is obvious that users would want to download and use this powerful tool. So, after doing decent research, we have successfully created this informative post, where we will discuss all aspects connected to QuickBooks Component Repair Tool in detail.

Downloading QuickBooks Component Repair Tool: Easy Steps

The best fact about this repair tool is that it doesn’t need any special computer setup, so anyone can easily create its setup. But, if you are a new QBs user and want the easiest method to download this tool then just finish reading this post by the end.

  • First of all, exit from all programs and then restart your PC.
  • Then start downloading the “Component Repair Tool.”
  • After finishing the download, save it to the “Desktop.”
  • Now, tap on the file containing the downloaded tool.
  • This will initiate the running process to scan the errors.
  • After that, just reboot the system and you will see a freshly created icon on the desktop.

After downloading the tool, the main question is how to use this repairing tool to fix common errors of Quickbooks. Well, we got you covered. In the next part, you will read the different ways to use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool to repair errors.

Using QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

Before using the component repair tool, it is always advised to utilize QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool first. But, if it was not able to repair the error properly then it is recommended to utilize QuickBooks Component Repair Tool as this is an advanced software and it rebuilds complete .NET Framework.

Fixing .NET Framework Errors

QuickBooks software takes the help of the .NET Framework to connect the application and the data that need internet access.

It is the most vital component and this is why if it gets corrupted or damaged then you will encounter Error 1603, 1722, 1903, 1904, etc. So, fixing this problem as soon as possible is important. Follow these steps to repair corrupt .NET Framework files:

  • The foremost thing is downloading the “Component Repair Tool.”
  • After that, save the recently downloaded on the “Desktop.”
  • Exit from running applications and tap on “QBInstall_Tool_v2.exe.”
  • Now, a diagnosis process will initiate automatically. After detecting any error, this tool will start a repairing process also. You just have to restart your computer after finishing the diagnosis process.

In case, the error still bothers you even after running the repair tool, then confirm if your system has the latest Windows Update installed.

Reconstructing Microsoft MSXML

Your installation process will always fail if the Microsoft MSXML component is damaged or broken. So, to repair it, you need to perform these steps:

  • The foremost step is registering the “MSXML.dll File.”
  • After finishing it, uninstall “MSXML 6.0.”
  • Now, reinstall it.
  • In the same way above, uninstall “MSXML 6.0 Service Pack 1.” After that reinstall it.
  • After performing the above steps, start fixing the “MSXML 6.0 file” using QBs Component Repair Tool.

Downloading Windows Update

If you use old Windows OS then you will always fail in installing QuickBooks. This is because old windows slip all the latest updates related to the .NET framework, Visual C++, MSXML.

  • First of all, tap on “Start.”
  • Write “Windows Update” in that box.
  • After updating windows, “Restart” your computer
  • In the end, “Install QuickBooks” one more time and start performing your work.

To Wrap Up

When you face any Installation issue in the QBs software then just tap the Quickbooks component repair tool and leave the rest of the task on this tool. It will immediately scan and repair the issues after detecting them. Our main motive behind creating this article is to help you download and use this repair tool so that you could prevent errors and your business can grow efficiently. We truly hope that you found this informative post helpful and worthy. However, if you face any difficulty while performing any step then it is best to communicate with the Quickbooks Support Team. The experts are available all time for you to resolve your queries.