Quick and useful DIY to try to recycle the cut flowers at home


If you have a zeal to recycle everything before it finally goes to the dumpster, then here we have something great for you in this article. Recycling stuff is a very thoughtful move as it helps you make the most of the particular item. More and more people should bother to recycle stuff instead of throwing them away in one use. Of Course, not everything can be recycled, but if you look around carefully in your house, there are tons of things that can be recycled. It just requires some thought, which is why people are not big fans of this act. 

Quick and useful DIY to try to recycle the cut flowers at home

Today, we are going to talk about cut flowers. Well, exchanging flowers is a very common act. People order flower delivery in pune online to send them to their loved ones as a sign of love or maybe to wish for an important occasion or just a sign of appreciation. So, we often keep on receiving flowers from time to time. People often transfer the bouquet flowers in a vase to increase their shelf life.

Some who are fond of gardening, grow seasonal flowers especially to cut them and decorate their home. Cut flowers look great resting in your vase, right? But, we all are aware that cut flowers have a shelf life. Not longer, they will start to dry out. When they are drying, what is your take on them? We throw them away, right? Well, that is where recycling comes in. recycling flowers means making full use of them instead of throwing them away because they start looking dull. There are so many ways to recycle cut flowers, following are a few of them. 

Lip balm

So, we are on a mission to recycle the cut flowers so you don’t have to throw them away. You are going to get surprised to see how you can infuse these flowers into various things so easily. The first DIY that you can do is infuse flowers in a lip balm. You can prepare a lip balm using all-natural ingredients which contain the benefits of the cut flowers. All you need is olive oil, coconut, beeswax, a saucepan, and dried petals of flowers. Make sure that the cut flowers are clean and dry before using them in your lip balm. Put the balm in cute containers with petals in the bottom of the container too, it will look pretty. 

Decorate your candles

Another amazing way to use cut flowers in other items is by decorating your candles. Okay, some people who are into handmade stuff and have a crafty side, prepare candles at home. So, to give their candles a classy look, they use fresh-cut flowers. Flowers are included in the candles during the making process while the wax is still liquid and there are flower petals peeping from the wax which looks really creative. If you have never prepared candles at home, try it once with cut flowers and it will be a super cute decor. 

Prepare potpourri

We are often compelled to pay whatever amount we are asked for while buying potpourri. We all love potpourri as it spreads a pleasant fragrance in the whole place it is added to and that is why we usually buy it for any price. But why pay extra when you can prepare one easily at home and that too, with the things that you already have. At the time, someone send flowers to gurgaon for you, know that it’s time to prepare potpourri for your place. Dry those flowers from the bouquet and prepare a potpourri in a cute glass bowl.  

Infuse in a face mist

Want to prepare a refreshing mist with the mild fragrance of your favourite flower? Well, you don’t need to buy a new one, it’s time for some DIY. For this, all you need is the regular mist that you use, and he cuts flowers that you want to recycle. Just clean the petals with fresh water. Then you can either put petals in the bottle of mist, or you can prepare a mist just like you prepare rose water. That’s all. These are some creative ways to recycle flowers at home.

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