Questions you have always wanted answered about Laser Hair removal

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Question 1: Are laser treatments safe and effective on all skin types?

Laser technology can be used safely to treat unwanted hair on all skin types, though with variable results.

Are you on this page, because you have dark or tanned skin? Have heard that laser treatment is ineffective or messy with darker skin? Well… then you must know, that is not completely true nor is false outright! 

There is a lot of development happening on the laser scene with new machines and newer types and wavelengths of lasers with enhanced accuracy of delivery for the dark-skinned subjects. First successful step towards resolving this issue was the introduction of Nd: Yag lasers for hair removal. The research and development in this arena focus on finding an alternative to Melanin.  Please read the next FAQ to know why!

However, there is no doubt that, dark or tanned skin does warrant, an individual assessment by a dermatologist to tell you, which laser could safely be used for your skin type or colour.

Question 2:  Does hair colour interfere with the desired outcome?

Yes! Hair colour does have a significant impact on the results you can expect out of laser hair removal therapy.

You must know by now; how important Melanin is in the laser game. So, it plays a crucial role with the hair colour either.

To remind you again melanin imparts colour to both your hair as well as skin. And the laser targets the melanin to find the hair follicle. So, keeping this in mind we get the following equation for hair colour and the results of laser therapy.

  1. Dark hair = More Melanin = Best results (Provided the skin is lighter)
  2. Light hair = Less Melanin = Variable results (Depends upon skin colour again)
  3. Grey/ Blond hair = No Melanin = Worst results

Question 3: What areas of the body laser therapy can be performed?

Almost any area of the body which is covered by the normal and intact skin, can be treated with lasers. There appears to be only one exception i.e. area near the eyes. (Heard of Lasik eye surgery?)

Areas that are most commonly requested and treated are upper lip, chin, neck, underarms, chest, back, trunk i.e. abdomen, bikini line and legs.

The cost and the time required varies according to the body part you want to get treated. Because both the cost and time depend upon the surface area of the part you want to get treated.

What are the advantages of Laser Hair Removal?

Among all the methods of hair reduction, laser hair removal therapy has a few distinct advantages. Other methods either totally lack them or do offer them partially. Following are some of the very prominent benefits of laser treatment.

  • The most reasonable advantage is that lasers are middle way out between two extremes, namely older methods (like shaving or waxing) and electrolysis (permanent but tedious).
  • It is completely safe and effective if done by a professional, after proper pre-evaluation.
  • Laser hair removal is much faster compared to other methods e.g. electrolysis. Considerably less time required due to its larger spot size.
  • Less painful, when compared to other alternatives.
  • Limited aftercare, if any!