Don’t Get Fooled: 7 Questions to Ask while Hiring a Link Building Agency


We are inching along the sweeping tides of rampant digitalization. Today, it has become increasingly important for businesses to create sturdy online credibility to boost expansion. It requires patience, persistence, solid skill sets and an observant eye. Online presence is a pivotal asset for any business because it helps combat cut-throat competition in the long run.

A professional digital marketing agency can rightfully help you with create consistent user-reach and engagement to increase your online credibility over time. Modern day online marketing puts a lot of emphasis on search traffic. Quality link building is an important keystone of an effective SEO strategy.

The process of quality link building

Search engine traffic relies heavily on a strong set of backlinks to your targeted pages.  A Link building agency will create strong hyperlinks on your page to websites with higher authority, and vice-versa. You can also hire agency like OutreachMama for blogger outreach services and other types of link building activities in order to get the best visibility and organic traffic for your brand. This way, a connection is created while the user travels to and forth between high domain websites and yours.

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When the user finds out that you have a certain authority and can help them with their queries, this shoots up your credibility and online reputation. Thus, as you can understand, quality link building is one of the strongest methodologies within an SEO strategy. In fact the value of strong backlinks is not limited to just SEO. It is often used by a professional link building agency to generate referral traffic and improve the authority of your website – both work wonders towards building a strong brand image.

What questions should you ask while vetting a Link building Agency?

We’ll help you narrow down on a list of questions to ask before you hire a prospective agency.

  • 1. What is your process?

With Google’s constantly evolving algorithm, it is essential to hire a link building agency that applies a fruitful process aligned with the current best practices. Is it customized according to your needs? Is it well suited to your niche demographic?

Get a sound knowledge of how they onboard strategies and how they conduct their initial research. An experienced and professional digital marketing agency with relevant exposure and longevity in the business should have sure shot answers to these questions.

  • 2. What is your method of tracking and how do you analyze results?

An efficient link building agency with years of experience in nuanced, quality link building should have qualitative explanations for these. You should definitely demand a comprehensive examination of the agency’s tools and in-house technology.

How often do they evaluate web presence? What crawler software do they use as a qualified link building agency? Do not miss out on these technical inquiries should you want to hire the best of the best for top-notch, quality link building services.

  • 3. How communicative are you?

If you are not savvy with SEO practices, you might easily fall into the trap of low quality link building from a professional digital marketing agency that offers a good price. Bad link reflects negatively on your web presence and Google is lethal when it comes to eliminating such tactics.

If you don’t get satisfying answers from the link building agency in question before hiring, you might be subject to poor SEO results generated from purchasing from bad links at a lower cost from the agency.

Quality link building

  • 4.What is your experience in this industry?

This is a dynamic and nuanced field and only a handful of professionals can truly give you the support that you require. Here are some requirements a competent link building agency should help you cover according to specific business goals:

  • Increase in-bound traffic and qualified leads for your online business
  • Build a strong credibility for your brand through its website
  • Get a strong SERP ranking, thus helping your business reach greater heights
  • 5.What kind of transparency can I expect from you?

Quality link building is no mean feat and you can judge the competency of a professional digital marketing agency by their eagerness to provide timely reports. The beauty of online marketing lies in the fact that every penny of your precious marketing investment is accounted for. So, if you are about to pay a good fee to a link building agency for their premium services, ask for clarity regarding the generation of timely reports. You need to check your growth consistently for improvement in ROI.

  • 6. How consistent are you?

A great link building agency will not only offer quality link building services, but will be consistent in its efforts. Digital marketing is a time-consuming and detailed process. One-time ROI is a certain deal-breaker. So, before jumping headlong into the digital bandwagon and hiring a professional digital marketing agency, you must ask them to show proof of consistent successes over a long stretch of time.

  • 7.Can you think outside the box?

Getting link placements through the outstanding outreach efforts of your preferred link building agency should be your primary concern. It is not an easy task as quality link building is an intricate and laborious process. Each piece of content is varied in its tone, quality and information, so awareness and out-of-box thinking is much required.

So, if you are planning to invest in the services of a professional digital marketing agency, make sure your hire can think creatively to keep up with the constantly evolving trends!

Your business growth is crucial. Boosting your business growth with premium services from a link building agency is a very smart idea. But what happens when you hire an agency without proper background-check or a detailed meeting? You end up losing a bunch of valuable investment capital. This is not just restricted to the aspect of link building, a professional digital marketing agency must have satisfying answers to all 7 questions listed above before you finalize your decision to hire them.

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