Quality Inspection Mistakes That You Should Avoid


It is imperative for you to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality part when you are going for quality inspection of your product or services; not only with substandard goods or services because it worst impacts your brand image. In addition to this, it would result in potential losses due to the exchange or return of the defected products.

In this blog post, I am sharing with you some mistakes that most of the organizations nowadays do in quality inspection of their products. So, here we go:

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Key Mistake 1: Not Hiring A Good Inspection Company

Your product manufacturer can easily assure you that you have a quality inspector, but think about it: who would be interested, you or the manufacturer? The answer is straightforward. For this reason, it will be of great help in creating a third-party inspection team that ensures that the manufacturer maintains its final part of the deal and does not compromise quality in any way or form.

Key Mistake 2: Allowing Their Manufacturer To Ship Products Without Inspecting First

Why do you think sending products without prior inspection is a good idea? Not only are you required to find defective products, but you must also incur additional costs to transport and repair those products. In addition to this, it is a good idea to make the pre-shipment inspections or onsite inspection of the product on a regular basis.

Key Mistake 3: Making All the Payment in Advance

No matter how reliable your provider feels for you, full payment in advance is not recommended. Once the payment is made in full, the supplier loses the fear of paying for the goods in poor condition. Pay the total amount only after you have inspected the entire shipment and are completely satisfied with the quality of the product.

Key Mistake 4: Not knowing Quality Aspects of Their Products

Quality of any product is a very vague or complex term, something that seems to be of poor quality may seem right to another person. Therefore, preparing and providing an accurate list of specifications to your suppliers helps make sure that both you and your manufacturer are on the same page on this topic. This is possible only with a thorough knowledge of your product.

Key Mistake 5: No Inspecting The Raw Materials of their Products

A final good will only be as good as the quality of raw materials that are used in it. Examining and ensuring that these materials are of sufficient quality will only be possible when you fully understand the product and require it.

Key Mistake 6: Not Setting Clear Communication With their Suppliers

Keep in mind that you probably have a very different culture among your providers, which worsens with language barriers. Therefore, the better you comprehend and take a deep insight into your product, the more clearly you can easily convey your requirements to the supplier.

The One Final Key To Success: Consistency

Implementing quality controls and not working with caution if you do so for a short time period. In case you want to assure there is no problem with your business, it is imminent to make sure that you remain consistent with the steps taken in order to protect yourself from any possible fraud. You need to remember that it is up to you to completely protect the business and suppliers will do what they can to exploit it. If you find it difficult, then you can consult good inspection companies in Asia and they will help you in inspecting goods with complete peace of mind.

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