Profile for study abroad consultants in Delhi


Many students in India want to study abroad after completing their graduation. But, they should fulfill some formalities. They should obtain the visa and produce several documents. The students should prove their proficiency in various subjects so that they can successfully complete the course abroad. So, the study abroad consultants in Delhi provide counseling to the students and parents so that they are prepared to appear for an interview.

Role of the consultants for studying abroad

The students should produce several documents to reveal their educational background and should build their own profile. In the profile, they should mention the details of their education, achievements and their personal details. The consultants help them to find the best universities abroad by viewing their profile. So, the consultants follow these steps in the process of counseling.

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Accessing the profile and suggesting improvement

They view the profile of the candidate and offer the following recommendations.

After viewing the profiles, they find out the universities that are suitable to their profile. Then, they can trace the gaps in the profile so that they can suggest them some techniques for improvement. Then, to bridge the skill gap, they should undertake some steps for improvement. In the profile, they should also mention about the extracurricular activities. So, they also teach them the techniques for improving profile so that the admission committee actually views their profile.

Application of documents

They should prepare several documents to reveal it to the universities. The consultants conduct several brainstorming sessions by teaching them to prepare different letters such as LOR, SOP, and essay draft. They teach them to prepare the profile to clearly showcase their achievements and education.

Short listing Universities

They perform counseling services with the students and recommend the colleges that are suitable to their profile. The study abroad consultants in Delhi are closely associated with the universities and they carefully access the profile of the students. They recommend the universities that are suitable to them and the chances for securing admission. They also recommend the universities that are not suitable to their profile. So, they often categorize into ‘difficult, less difficult and good chance.

Financial planning

The students should also prove their capacity to pay tuition fees and meet other expenses. Many students cannot independently pay expenses on their own, so they borrow finance from various financial institutions. They should also produce evidence of every financial document and the institutions providing them assistance. Along with these statements, they also produce the coveted admission letter.

Training for interview

The students always appear for an interview and hence they should be shortlisted. The trainers help them to appear for the mock interview and provide them a detailed feedback of the interview performance. They highlight the areas of strength and weaknesses.

Visa counseling services

They should prepare the admission letter and then follow some legal steps to obtain Visa. So, they should perform the paperwork formalities. They conduct the mock interview sessions so that they are ultimately prepared for the interviews.

Pre-departure orientation

They conduct a pre-departure orientation program to address their questions and also avail some of the services such as foreign exchange, air tickets, education loans, etc.

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