Professional Teeth Cleaning: All You Need Know

Teeth Cleaning

All oral problems arise from improper care. Even with regular cleaning of teeth at home, over time, soft and hard deposits appear on them, which contribute to the development of tooth decay, gingivitis and other dental diseases. To keep your teeth healthy and snow-white, it is necessary to periodically visit the dentist’s office and perform professional cleaning of the dentition, which effectively copes with plaque and maintains dental tissues in their aesthetic condition. Dental office is a very refined dental company that provides all kinds of rare and common dental solutions.

What is professional dental cleaning?

A hygienic tooth cleaning is understood as a mechanical effect on the dentition, which allows you to get rid of mineralized deposits by means of special tools, equipment and preparations. The procedure is painless and helps to thoroughly remove plaque of any degree of neglect, including tartar. Cleaning can solve many different oral problems:

  • Prevent the development of dental and periodontal diseases;
  • Prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria;
  • Avoid premature tooth loss;
  • Get rid of the increased yellowness of the enamel;
  • Eliminate bad breath.

The professional teeth cleaning service provided by the Telo’s Beauty clinic specialists includes a wide range of procedures that improve the functional and aesthetic state of the oral cavity. Depending on the instruments used, we offer our clients several types of hygienic oral cleansing:

  • Airflow method;
  • Cleaning by ultrasound using the vector technology;
  • Clinpro technique;
  • Laser cleansing.

The effectiveness and safety of all the methods used have been tested by time and numerous clinical studies. By contacting us, you can completely get rid of dental plaque and provide yourself with a snow-white, attractive smile.

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Indications for brushing your teeth

A teeth cleaning is carried out for prophylactic purposes or as a mandatory manipulation before prosthetics, implantation, orthodontic treatment. The indications for its implementation are:

  • The presence of calculus and dental deposits;
  • Plaque from tobacco, tea, coffee;
  • Persistent bad breath;
  • Upcoming whitening;
  • Periodic bleeding of the gums;
  • The presence of implants and crowns;
  • Planning fluoridation therapy.

Airflow method

The AirFlow technique is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to cleanse your mouth. It is based on jets of air and water, to which baking soda is added. Due to the increased pressure, soda breaks down dental deposits well, peeling them off the enamel even in hard-to-reach places. When brushing your teeth, water gently removes plaque residues and lowers the temperature of the tooth surface, which rises from the contact of soda with deposits.

The force of the jet is adjusted by the dentist depending on the sensitivity of the teeth, the thickness of the enamel and the plaque itself. If you want to read about QB1, please visit here. On average, the procedure takes no more than half an hour and quickly and painlessly removes plaque of any level of complexity. Thanks to AirFlow, you can not only clean your teeth, but also perform a kind of hydromassage of the gums.

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