Product Manager vs Project Manager vs Project Leader: Key differences you must Know

project leader

There are many management areas in businesses and companies around the world. Specific managers are appointed to manage these areas in order to maximize profits, and they do it with ease due to their expertise in the field. To understand the difference between product manager, project manager, and Project leader, we need to understand their roles and responsibilities.


a). Roles of Product Manager:

They are also known as account managers in many organizations around the world. They are also referred to as the product CEO. Throughout the life cycle of the product, they can be found completely indulged in its processes. Customers should accept and appreciate the product delivery done by them as it defines their caliber in managing the product. From the originating of the products, their onus is taken away. They are involved in roles like:

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  • The product strategy is set up.
  • Translation of the features offered by the product
  • Taking care of the promotion and also helping in the improvement of the product.
  • Their vision is what the product is driven by. Their efforts bring life into any product.

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 b). Responsibilities of Product Manager: 

As the CEO of the product, the requirement of the project is gathered and understood by them. They also set a number of goals in order to meet these product requirements. They maintain constant communication with the project managers as they need to ensure that the product strategy is being worked properly throughout the project. Promotions and release of the product are also done by them.

c). Responsibilities of a product manager are as follows:

  • The strategy of the product is set up by them.
  • Product concept generation and requirement identification are made by them.
  • They are also responsible for the release of products into the market.
  • First, they introduced the product in the market and then promoted it effectively.
  • Product training is organized by them.
  • Product control spans more widely under their control.
  • They are affected by the profit and loss due caused due to the product’s cost factor.


a). Roles of the project manager:

They are the project management principle experts. PMP or CAPM certification often serves as an achievement of project managers. Their main job is to manage projects. Using the time, resource, and budget constraints effectively, they deliver the project from end to end. The product manager sets the product strategies, and the project managers act as the executive powers of these strategies. All the responsibilities of the projects are on their shoulder, and throughout the life cycle of the project, they are held completely responsible for each and everything that happens during the execution of strategies in a project. In order to manage the principles of any project, they stay in close contact with the product managers to possess a better understanding of the product requirements and features. Then the details of communication are shared with teams dealing with the project.

 b). Responsibilities of the Project manager:

  • The device the project plan responsibly so that they can deliver the expected results and outcomes of the project as predicted.
  • The triple constraints which are time, scope, and budget are managed by them while work proceeds further in a project.
  • The product expectations are understood by them, and the members of the team working on the project are also conveyed with this information. This cuts unrealistic expectations people have on the product.
  • They also have the role of suggesting actions to be taken for the betterment of the project by having an insight into the performance of the project and the progress of the team working on it.
  • They device suitable measures to be taken to tackle risks that arise in the project processing
  • Project resources and stakeholder management are done by them.
  • Project stakeholders who are relevant to any project are updated with the ongoing processes, the outcomes, and the problem is that occurred, the steps taken to resolve the problem, and every other minute detail by the project manager.

 Project leaders lead the project. They make sure that the project manager and product manager are working properly to prove the importance of the positions. Detect the major role and responsibility of guiding the team through the problems that arise, solving them effectively, and making sure every department involved with the project is doing their work properly.

This information is enough for people to understand what are the key differences between product manager, project manager, and project leader. Product manager and project manager work hand-in-hand simultaneously to achieve their respective goals while Project leader guides them through the work.

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