Product Box Design – This Is How A Product Box Design Helps You Create Better Customer Experience


A lot of factors have to be considered when you are working on a product box design. To put simply, a Custom product boxes is where your product is stored while it ships or while it is placed at a retail store. This makes the product box quite important since it is the first thing that your potential customer will be interacting with and needs to be amazing!

Now, most of the online guides will tell you to invest in product boxes wholesale on account of that you will be able to save money. However, we strongly suggest that you don’t focus on saving money rather be focused on how to create an amazing customer experience. Furthermore, the savings won’t be too good either. Look at it this way; if you are able to increase your sales by even a 5% thanks to your product box design; you will be making more money than you would have been able to save. We have put together a list of ways that the product box design can help you to enhance the customer experience!


1. Product Box

The first element in your product box design is the shipping container. It could be a box, a bag, or even a poly mailer. You want to opt for a shipping container that can get you that ‘wow’ factor-induced in your customers.


2. Tissue paper

A great way to bump up your customer experience is by adding tissue paper to your product box design. It is a simple way that imparts elegance to your product. You can even make use of custom-printed tissue or colored tissue papers to wrap your product in thus going for a customized experience.


3. Filler

Adding filler to your product box design makes it stand out. Ever seen those unwrapping videos on YouTube? There is a reason why certain products get features – mainly, it has to do with the premium unwrapping experience that they have to offer.


4. Stickers

If you want to make your product box look versatile, you should consider adding stickers to it. A branded sticker can be used for sealing the tissue paper. You can also make use of a custom printed sticker on the product box itself. You can also have stickers along with a thank you note included in the box!


5. Business Card

Having your business car be a part of your product box design is an inexpensive way of marketing. You can also use this opportunity for adding promo pieces. Some companies send a 5% or a 10% discount voucher along with their business cards in boxes that they ship. This gives the customer an incentive to make a purchase from your business again.