Pro Tips on Hiring Electrician for Home Lighting


After the completion of your dream house, there still is left something for its completion- the lighting. Home lighting is the foremost part of home décor. The work of a residential electrician is quite different from that of a commercial electrician and hence you need to hire base on specific requirements. A commercial electrician works in factories, commercial estates, and industries so it becomes extremely important to note that you hire the right person.

Here Are Some Measures to Aid You in Deciding Upon Whom to Hire:

#1. Search in Your Neighborhood

Before searching for an electrician in a distant place using your contacts, you can first search in your neighborhood. You can also ask your friends in your locality for more references.

#2. Research About Their Work

Before finalizing whom to hire, you should conduct proper research on their previous work and background so that you can know about their working ability and standard. It is important that if the electrical agency has a website, you can go through some of the sample projects that they have done, and also check some of the positive reviews and testimonials before you hire them.

#3. Their Qualifications

A qualified electrician is either a journeyman or a master. 

  • Journeyman: Though not a master’s degree holder, he can also do the wiring work. He has also received the license to do it.
  • Master: He must clear a standardized test to receive a master’s degree in electrification work. He must have gained the training for electrical coding and other relevant modifications in the home lighting. Generally, an electrician goes for apprenticeship or else, works as a part of field duty as an individual proprietorship, or else, he can also be a part of an entire electrical agency.

#4. Quotation

Before hiring, you should ask for their work quotations, so that you can judge about the rates at which he/she will charge you. So, you should carefully analyse the whole price list before taking the decision of hiring an electrical professional.

#5. Examine the Tools

You should inspect the tools he will be using in the work. If not so, then they can afterward compel you to buy new tools or charge you extra for using tools for this installation job. You should also inspect the condition of the tools to be used in the work. The right use of tools will result in smooth completion of the lighting work or else it may at times result in unwanted mishaps in the future.

#6. Ask for Their License

You should always ask for their license to do the electrical works issued by the authorized committee. At times, some electrical workers may present a fake or outdated license. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check with the authorized organization about the validity of their license, as, if any problem arises, then you can claim insurance by citing the faulty works of the professional by complaining against the concerned electrical professional.

#7. Insurance Cover

The licensed electricians are eligible for insurance. In case there are any accidents while the installation work of your home lighting, you need not worry about their medical bills. They cannot also add it to your final bill. The insurance company will handle all the expenses.

After adhering to these specifications before hiring an electrician can not only result in good work but also result in the durability of their work. The professionals can only guarantee you with quality work according to your desired design that too within your budget. Conclusively, never try to do the home lighting works yourself so that you and your family both can remain safe and healthy.