Preserving the Dazzle in Diamonds: Tips to Care for Your Precious Ring


Love has many forms, and so does its expressions. While myths, legends and timeless folklores are replete with examples of the intangible, divine and formless kinds of love, tangible symbolisms form the basis of contemporary ideas of love. And one vital, tangible extension of love is known to be engagement rings. When what is known as an engagement band or ring today was a humble thread, a piece of cloth or even a ring made from leather and ivory bones, life was simple. But, thanks to the discovery of metals, the history of rings, jewels, or love for that matter, has never been the same again!

From celebrated sapphire rings to brightly shining diamond rings today, there is sentimental value attached to the piece of jewellery symbolising union. Meanwhile, along with it comes the pressure and responsibility of maintaining it. So, here are some important tips you can incorporate in preserving the shine of your dimes:

Keep It Safely Away and Opt for Bands

Considering how precious in terms of price and priceless in terms of emotional value the ring is for you, the ideal option is to store it safely and instead wear a more durable engagement band available in platinum and other sturdy metal variants. These bands work well for everyday use, and you can go about your daily routine, doing chores without worrying about your diamond falling off or your ring and scratching against surfaces.

Repolish and Get It Checked

If you’re keen on wearing your ring every day, make it a point to get it professionally checked and polished at least once every six months. This way, you can fix any loose diamond stones and restore the original shine and elegance of your prized possession. So, find a trusted jeweller and give it the care and maintenance that it needs.

Clean It Adequately

In order to ensure that the pretty diamonds keep dazzling from dusk to dawn, ensure to clean them properly. Check for any dirt particles stuck to the stone; you can also place it in lukewarm water once a week to rid it off of any external dust and foreign particles.

Suitable Storage Is Vital

If you’ve decided to take a vacation or start your weekend pottery class, the best thing to do is to store your ring in a jewellery box or fireproof safe. Adequately, it is also ideal if you can protect it from extreme weather conditions. In order to better keep it, you can also wrap it in a piece of cloth and avoid any other piece of jewellery from coming into contact with your ring.

Avoid Frequent Resizing

Your body may change, and as a result, your ring may begin to feel too loose or tight for you. In such cases, instead of opting for frequent resizing, it is advisable to take off your ring and store it safely until you can wear it like before. Constant resizing may cause the metal to expand or contract and disrupt the appearance and longevity of the ring.

Avoid External Pressure

Exerting undue pressure intentionally or unintentionally on your ring finger or even hand, for that matter, may cause the diamonds on the ring to drop off and lead to scratches on your ring. Hence, be mindful of movement and pressure if you’re wearing the ring. Additionally, it is also recommended that you take off your engagement ring before sleeping to prevent any discomfort due to the ring and to ensure that you can sleep peacefully without any worries.

Just as relationships need effort and must be nurtured, so do their symbolic representations. While there is no denying that engagement rings need that extra bit of care and maintenance, to see your precious little diamond sparkling when you wear it with pride makes all the effort feel worthwhile!