Prepare your Home for Autumn Season

home ready for autumn

It’s time to prepare your home for the new season; our home needs also change with the season. Welcome the autumn season by replacing your old furniture with modern designer furniture, introducing new interiors and making your home more comfortable. A few changes and upgradations made to home décor can make your home look wonderful for all seasons.

Are you ready for the fall season? Have you prepared your home for the fall season? These tips will help you in preparing your home for the autumn season –

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  • Organize your kitchen, especially dry ingredients and spices. Check if they are getting worse or any foul smell coming out from them or if they are out of date –it’s time to dispose them off. Clean your pantry by removing any stale or rotten food items.

Organize your kitchen

  • Dispose off any stale fruits or vegetables that you might find in your refrigerator. Clean your fridge by washing all drawers and cabinets thoroughly. Check for any spills or expired dairy products.

Autumn Fridge Decor

  • Inspect your roof for any damages or leakages or cracks or blockages. Fix up the issues, if found any. Conduct a visual check of your roof and make sure that there is no water dripping or holes. Clean the roof and gutters or get the gutters replaced, if necessary.

roof damages repair

  • It’s time to pack your AC unit and store it for the next season. It is important to cover the AC unit in order to protect it from leaves coming inside it. In changing season, it is better to take care of AC unit as wrecks and debris start getting inside small openings.
  • Bring autumn into your home by making great additions to your home. Adding large colorful vases with some fresh flowers, big statement pieces or centre pieces on the dining table, are some ideas which are perfect for the fall season.

colorful vases

  • Make your home more cozy and warm by placing designer throws or rugs in the living room or bedroom. This will help you in keeping your feet cozy in chilly winter mornings or nights.

colored cushions and throws

  • Adding beautiful, warm colored cushions and throws into your home decor is the best way of creating a welcoming atmosphere for the fall season. Deep colored cushions will give a new look to your space.

placing designer throws or rugs

  • Give a fresh look to your living room by installing modern furniture which makes more welcoming environment. You can choose dark walnut or light aish colored wooden furniture to create the autumn feel.

modern furniture

  • Check if you need to seal any openings around your windows or doors or vents. Seal all bay windows or patio properly in order to make home cozy. This will not allow cold air to come into your home.
  • Changing season calls for changes to be made in bedroom furniture Pack all your summer linens and pillows, and replace them with blankets, duvet covers and warmer comforters. It is good to replace your beddings in autumn.

summer linens and pillows

  • Clean and inspect your furnace, if it needs any maintenance. If needed, replace finance filter to keep inside air clean. Look for any leakages and check for gas pressure too.
  • Do not forget to check working of all carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, humidifiers, gas heaters, and other home safety devices. Make sure that they are working properly. And, if there is any need to replace or change them, go for it.
  • Ensure that stoves are clean and are in working condition. There should be no holes, cracks or any kind of damage in the stoves.
  • Clean out all leaves or debris from your lawn, roof and nearby surroundings. Prepare your lawn or garden for autumn season. Trim off any dead or weak branches, shrubs, bushes and other plants. This will help in preventing from winter damage and weeds. Strong winds can crash down the tree or its branches. Therefore, it is essential to trim all those long hanging close to your roof or entrance or power lines.

Prepare your lawn or garden for autumn season

  • You can not ignore to check and inspect your fireplace as a little carelessness can lead to major incident. The fireplace should not have any deposits or blockage so that smoke should pass out easily. Check for damper and chimney too for any damage. Stock up some firewood as well.
  • It is a good time to change your plants. Prepare your plants for winter months as climate changes, plants also need special care.
  • Get ready for cool nights and cool weather where days become shorter and the nights become longer. Consider installing outdoor lighting to increase visibility. Make sure that you have sufficient lights in the area and all are working properly.

installing outdoor lighting

  • Consider installing lights on your back door, driveway, garden path or garage also. It will help you in parking your vehicle, taking your pet to walk, or guiding the way to your guests in the darker months.
  • Prepare your fire alarms, heating system to make sure that they are working and performing well. If you are in any doubt, call out for professional people to check them.
  • Do not leave your pipes to freeze, wrap them with heating tape. This will prevent the pipes from freezing in chilled temperatures.
  • Get your hands on warm blankets to make yourself cozy. You can put blankets on the sofa or living room too.
  • Decorating the front balcony or entrance is a good idea to spend time while munching on snacks and sipping hot drinks. Try using candles, lanterns, fairy lights, and what stalks. Wheat stalks look great when placed in the living room as well.

Decorating the front balcony

  • A simple setting of temperature of thermostat to low temperature will save a lot of money on heating bills when the temperature began to drop. Upgrade your thermostat accordingly for stress free season.
  • Store everything which you do not need in the coming months. Be it your summer vehicle, summer equipment or any garden furniture. It’s better to organize your storage too.

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