Power and Empower Your Life With a Solar Energy Installation


According to data from the Solar Energy Industries Association, there are currently enough solar panels installed in the USA to power over 18 million homes.

Would you like to join this drive toward reducing carbon emissions? Environmental aspects are just one of the benefits of solar power.

Here’s how a solar energy installation gives you the power to moderate and control your electricity bills too.

The Cost-Saving Benefits of Home Solar Panels

A solar panel installation can cost as much as $40,000, but it offers enormous benefits both upfront and long-term.

For starters, you could get some of your investment back thanks to generous federal incentives on your income tax. Many states offer further savings on taxes when you install solar.

These indirect savings help reduce the actual cost of your panels, plus you’ll also see day-to-day savings on your utility bills.

If you opt for an off-grid system, you’ll never pay another electricity bill again. If you decide to stay connected to the grid, you’ll still have access to traditional electricity at a reduced cost.

How does this work? You can still use electricity when needed, but you feed any excess electricity generated by your panels back into the grid. In return, the power company gives you a credit for the electricity you use from them.

This comes in handy if you have energy-heavy appliances that are beyond the capabilities of your solar installation, or during extended spells of overcast weather. It also helps the power company to reduce its production costs as well as its carbon footprint.

If you work from home, you’ll never lose income due to decreased productivity during a grid power outage either.

Prerequisites for Solar Energy Installation

Before you start feverishly searching for a ‘solar panel installer near me’ on your nearest device, you must establish whether you’ll benefit from the costs associated with a solar panel installation.

The lower your energy bills, the longer it will take before you start to save with solar power.

Solar panels produce more energy in direct sunlight and when they’re sloped at a 35° angle. So, if you have a roof that isn’t quite up to scratch, you’ll benefit less from solar power.

The first question is always, ‘how much are solar panels going to help you save’. Find a solar panel installer you can trust to help you figure this out based on your energy consumption as well as your home’s unique location and characteristics.

Thanks to the ever-evolving realm of solar, there are new types of solar panels designed to cope with almost any situation. So, don’t opt for the first installation you come across.

The Power Is In Your Hands

Solar energy installation offers enormous environmental benefits. It can also save you thousands of dollars over time. What’s more solar energy helps improve the value and appeal of your home if you decide to sell it.

Like any home improvement project, it’s important to consider all the pros and cons before you go ahead with your installation.

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