Plesk Obsidian: All Best New Features of Plesk Licenses


According to human history, a man has been evolved from a monkey. Similarly, what Plesk is now was not a few years back. It has been encountering changes since the establishment of it. Certainly, our webmasters and tech-geeks need support in the management of their services and according to that, cloud services are always evolving. I know you seem a little confused. Let me show you the best and new features of Plesk Licenses in detail. Dive in straight!

Best Grafana Extensions and Advanced Monitoring

Your monitoring needs to be advanced. So, you are always aware of the server and your site. It will be then easy for you to find the crux of the problem. Usage count is necessary. Good news my friends, you can enable notifications when your CPU, RAM, etc. are overloaded. You’ll receive a ping. Those ways, you’ll have your stats report of your resources.

Moving Best Domains for Subscription

If you separate sites, it will enhance your security. So, with the CLI & UI of Plesk Obsidian, you can have the freedom of domain movement under subscription. The destination subscription should possess the overhead space to accommodate the load. That’s it and you are ready to roll.

PHP Dependency Manager – Composer V2.0

There are many things upgraded with Composer V2.0 which I’ve hereby mentioned:

  • You don’t need access to SSH- You don’t need it because you can run a range of Composer V2.0 actions without SSH. You can do updates and installs too.
  • Dependencies’ install is a click away– You can test trials of the update until you are sure to take your website live on the internet again.
  • Update only when you’re sure– You must have heard this that ‘precaution is better than cure. I’m quoting this because, when updates are tiny there is a lesser chance of risk involved but when updates are large, they can harm your site like nothing. So, now you will be prior informed about all the risks before installing the update.
  • Right PHP Version automatically – in place of default one composer V2.0 will run automatically on the correct PHP handler.

Upgraded File Manager

You can now upload and extract different extensions of the file. By this, your file manager will be more sorted and productive. We all want our file manager to be organized and most efficient. The new upgrade will make sure of that.

Self-Repair tools of Plesk License

Your Plesk related issues will be detected and corrected automatically with the self-repair kit. It will filter the running functions and will disable them automatically. If you want to observe the resource usage of all processes or an individual process, you can check it.

Plesk Admins Server-side restrictions

It’s basically a restricted mode. You will control which administrators can access what. You can find this in your ‘admin tools’ option. Previously you were allowing probably every user to dance on your sensitive data by giving them Plesk admin access. So, congratulations you’re now safe.

Secure Your Protocol with SSL

You should always keep your server protected with SSL/TLS certificates. You can use SSL for many purposes and they are:

  • You can install, buy, and renew certificates.
  • You can have access to what is completely secured and what is not. You can secure the domain basically.
  • You will be given your info stats, so you can check everything at a glance.
  • You can have access to the most upgraded TLS.

Keep You Private Mail Secure with SNI

You should keep your conversations in the private mode because of unauthorized access. Security is in your hand with the TLS/SSL certificate. If you own more than one domain and you provide mail services on all those domains, your customers can have an issue with clients. TLS/SSL certificate has your back. Plesk Licenses and the SNI has resolved everything for you. 

Customize Your HTML Mail Notification

To enhance the user experience, you can opt for HTML alerts. They are very easy to read as compared to simple text. It will update you about the websites and server when you’re not signed-in to Plesk. These messages are visually appealing and attractive. You can customize the format of your notifications. Do you know the basic Microsoft Word editing tools? Yes, the bullets, bold, numbered-lists, the other basic stuff. You can do this in your notifications. 

Optimize Your Backups

Now, the free disk space does not need to be backed-up on everywhere from Google to One Drive cloud. It has changed to something else. The subscription restores from full server will only demand free disk space which is equal to subscription space in addition. You don’t need to have a complete server restoration. These functions are more efficient than the previous ones. You can be 4x faster than before in removing backups from cloud storage. 

Improve Your Plesk License Keys and Revise Plesk UI

Everything is updated and glossy in the new Plesk UI. The interface is changed. It looks more like its original website. Colors, font styles and sizes are changed. Alignment is also applied in the interface. There are some more pointers that you can give a read:

  1. Page-speed module
  2. Restart is automatic
  3. Security is default
  4. Plesk access is easy
  5. Redirect to HTTPS from HTTP
  6. Robust extensions are live

Plesk always aims to give its customers and partners a robust experience while working. You have to choose the automatic update option to upgrade your plesk Licenses on time. Trust me, you’ll always stay updated and will enjoy the latest services. It also has a monthly cycle so that it can provide value and efficiency to all the customers. Serverwala is also an authorized partner of plesk that provides cheap plesk licenses with the best facilities.