Planning an intimate wedding? Try this…

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We all know how tough current times are. The second wave of COVID is here and things are worse than last year. So, if you are a couple who has been planning to get married since last year but due to the crisis, they are not able to, planning an intimate wedding at home with close family members makes sense. However, you might be disappointed a bit inside as even though you are getting married, this certainly isn’t the way you visualized it to be. Don’t worry, we are here to keep you covered. A small or big open area or even your house hall could be utilized for this.

And for the little things you would need to rent or buy from outside can be assembled by Indian wedding consultant you hire. Here’s the idea, let’s begin!

Note: Deciding the mood board also known as the color theme is of prime importance. The brunch setup or anything that you do for that matter would not look put together if the colors are not in sync with each other. Decide on the palette- do you want it neutral, bright? Know if the setup would be dual tone, monotone or multicolored.

Rustic Mandap and fresh flowers-
For the mandap instead of going for a heavy setup, go light by using flowers of your choice and make sure the woods are made to make the setup. This will look unique and enchanting.

Open canopy and amphitheatre style-
Now that your mandap is ready, let’s think of the seething arrangement for the limited guests you have. Keeping in mind social distancing, you must start placing the square foam seats with covers on the floor or get low rise seats. This can easily be rented, just make sure you mention your requirement to Indian wedding consultant well enough in advance.

Long farm tables and easels for food assortment-
For food, we suggest you place a farm table on the side and keep the fruits,dessert and other food items here only. Attendees can come and eat the food from here. The wooden furniture would look best in dark brown color.

Get mason jar beverage dispensers-
The mason jars can be used to serve beverages. Instead of alcohol, go for juices and energy drinks or even immunity boosters. This would be great in current times. At the entrance, you must also place sanitizers so that people can sanitize themselves well. Currently, this is surely not something that one can overlook.

Whether you are having your wedding in India or outside the country, hiring the best Indian wedding consultant would play a crucial role in the success of your intimate wedding. So, start your search now!

Lastly, as we all know that intimate weddings have become the norm, you must treat your guests and yourself to a brunch wedding which would be breezy and romantic. It would be personal and charmic. Hope you found the idea worthful and implement it on your day!