Perfect Ways to Clean Office Chairs That You Should Know About!


According to statistics, employees tend to spend 32 years of their lives in bed; however, how much time do we end up spending sitting in office chairs? Far more, to be subtle! Office chairs or furniture that support us day in and day out while working and are one of the most overlooked features of office space. Tables are quite often cleaned. However, officer chairs are definitely overlooked.

In fact, they are the most used item in an office I need to be taken better care of as they are high-use objects that need to be cleaned in order to protect the staff and the visitors. Most office cleaning services in Dallas undertake cleaning of work chairs and providing disinfecting cleaning services for all of the high-use items.

If you are seeking a resolution in taking better care of your office chairs in the coming months, here are some of the suggestions that you may need in order to work with the range of different designs and styles of work chairs. In fact, one of the best ways to approach this cleaning process is to consider the material of those things at your clinic and the cleaning material used to clean those items.

Here are some suggestions let me come in handy to you:

  • Cleaning plastic chairs

Plastic is, in fact, one of the easiest materials to begin cleaning. Just by using a simple spree of anti-bacterial cleaner, you could thoroughly wash off all the gunk from plastic chairs. Make sure to use a warm or damp cloth while cleaning up the chairs. In fact, avoid using any heavy-duty chemical sprays that can scour the product and the surface of the plastic.

  • Cleaning Mesh Chairs

Cleaning measures can be a little bit tougher than cleaning a plastic chair; they’re a little fiddly to begin cleaning. Even though the process of it is all pretty straightforward, use a vacuum cleaner to take off the dust and debris of the chair. You could use a handheld vacuum or a Hoover that works perfectly for such conditions. After which, using a slightly damp cloth and warm soapy water, wash the mesh element of the chair without wetting it too much.

  • Cleaning fabric chairs

The best way forward to cleaning any fabric chair is to know the fabric, and it is key to look through the chair for any indication of labels that may have directions for the best cleaning method to be used. Some of the most common symbols are –

  1. W – This indicates that all the cleaning products to be used should be water-based
  2. S – This indicates that you should use a solvent product such as any dry cleaning solvents which are water-free.
  3. WS or SW – According to this level, you should use a dry cleaning product or any water-based option available in the market.
  4. X – All those items marked with the necks can only be cleaned by a professional. So you may want to hire an office cleaning service in Dallas or even look up for night cleaning services that could professionally clean these items during the expanse of the night.
  5. C – All the products marked with C require krypton cleaning. Krypton is an enzyme detergent that is used for upholstery cleaning, and this too requires professional cleaning.

We hope that these steps will help you to clean your office chairs made of different fabrics in a deficient manner removing all dust and debris from them for future use. Also, note that you could spot test any new products that you purchase before applying them all over the furniture in your office. Another great reminder is that one should never tip or for any cleaning solution directly onto the surface or fabric but rather use it in a diluted form.