Things You Must Know About Panettone & Pandoro Cakes

Panettone & Pandoro Cakes (1)

With joys for adults and gifts and fun for kids, Christmas also brings a debate that often divides Italian families. Some family members prefer to buy Pandoro cake and some argue that Panettone cake is the real Italian Christmas cake. While you are debating on which one of these two traditional cakes should be ordered, you should learn the following eight things about these two cakes.    

  1. The super-sweet fluffy Pandoro cake is made of flour, butter, sugar, eggs and brewer’s yeast. When topped with powdered sugar, it looks like a snowcapped mountain.  
  2. Panettone cake is more composite and compact. This cake consists of pieces of candied fruits and honey. This Italian cake is absolutely for you if you love raisin and candied fruits.

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  1. Pandoro cake was first made in the city of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, Verona. Domenico Melegatti, an Italian chef, made Pandoro cake in the late 19th century. The word Pandoro cake means “Golden Bread”.           
  2. Panettone cake from Milan is way older than pandoro. It was first cooked in the late 13th century. You might have heard of many legends associated with this cake. You can prepare them with a raisin as well. This cake is a symbol of prosperity and good luck.   
  3. Derived from the starry Medieval Nadalin, pandoro cake is in the shape of an eight-point star.    
  4. Panettone cake is a dome-shaped cake. This tasty cake is actually a result of a mistake. The cook was trying to make a cake for a Christmas Eve dinner. However, it was overcooked. The Lords of the City loved Panettone cake.          
  5. Pandoro cake is simple and delicious. You can fill or decorate it with chocolate, cream, Mascarpone cheese or custard. Italians love to eat this cake with Espresso coffee or after lunch. 
  6. Thanks to candied fruits, Panettone cake is more flavored. You will love to enjoy it with a glass of white wine or custard. 

You can buy Pandoro cake and Panettone cake online. If you want to make them in our own kitchen, find a recipe and try now!

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