Pakistan Without Cricket During Lockdown


With a month or so of staying inside the house in lockdown and having no sport to watch on TV, Pakistanis are craving the latest cricket news. Pakistan cricket news followers don’t have much to hold on to as a ray of hope for their beloved sport. Cricket fans have nothing much to discuss with their friends and no updates to follow. 

More than desi food, fans are grieving the loss of latest Pak cricket news, while sharing their disappointment on social media as well. People have been showcasing their thoughts in conversations on different social media platforms, regarding the lack of updates on the latest happenings in cricket.  

Cricket is a favorite and hot topic of discussion for Pakistanis, even during the pandemic. So Sports news page in both Urdu and English are trying their utmost to keep the cricket fans updated with the latest news.

Pakistan cricket news

The head coach of Pakistani cricket team Misbah-ul-Haq has made suggestions to extend the time duration for ICC World Test Championship because of the pandemic. This universal calamity has brought all cricket activities to a halt while fuddling the international schedule just like everything else in the world. During an online press release, he said that there are chances that the tournament can go beyond 2021. 

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The original schedule stated that the competition would run from 2019-2021. Owing to the pandemic, Pakistan had to postpone the championship test with Bangladesh as well. He further added that if teams didn’t get equal opportunity, the results wouldn’t be fair. ICC has plans to communicate with the board members in order to find a solution for the championship tournament to grant awarding points for the cancelled matches. He wants to extend the tournament in the hope of getting a balanced score. 

Fitness is foremost for players

Misbah has instructed his players to keep working out on a regular basis on their fitness and study the strength and weaknesses of team England for the next match in line. It is the best time for Pakistani cricketers to do their homework on the players of opponent teams to make their game strong.

The Pakistani cricket team is interconnected with their coach and trainer to form a better game plan. The trainers are providing the players with a suitable plan as per the equipment they have at home to stay in the best shape. 

The lockdown has been imposed in the entire country due to the pandemic. The cricketers are staying in touch with the Pakistan Cricket Board as well and trying to make the best of this time. PCB has also decided to undergo a fitness test online, as it is critical for players to stay in shape. The fitness test was carried out online with a video link. This test was designed, keeping in mind the restrictions upon movement, as the PCB facilities are also shut down. 

These are all the latest cricket news regarding Pakistani cricket. Although this is not what cricket fans want to see right now for cricket news Urdu, but this is what it is available for cricket news in Urdu

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