Overcoming Addiction: A Liberation Guide


The pressures and stress of life can often be difficult for some and one crutch that many people in life tend to rely on is alcohol. Alcohol, if consumed safely usually won’t affect your health or mental wellbeing too much but for some, it can end up turning into an addiction.

Alcohol addiction is a serious addiction that for many, can end up being severely debilitating to their health and in some cases, results in death. It’s important to know how alcohol addiction has come about, how to treat it, and how to overcome it, should you or a loved one ever need to.

The History Of Alcohol Addiction

Addictive substances have been around for thousands of years and so once we became able to produce it, it has become more possible for this addiction to be frequent amongst many people. Whether that be alcohol, marijuana, or hard drugs like heroin, the history of alcohol addiction has been around for a long time.

Although this addiction is somewhat new since the human race developed agriculture some 13,000 years ago, the problem seems to have increased exponentially due to the problems of modern society. For many, dealing with the stigma of mental health has led many to turn to the bottle instead, and simply life itself can be tough for people to navigate. A hard day at work can lead to a few glasses of wine to help relax and although it can be something to enjoy, it can quickly be something you rely on.

Alcohol is a drug in itself and so whilst it can provide you that drunk feeling, where you might experience a positive increase in your mood, the comedown can make you feel a lot worse. Alcohol addiction, historically, seems to vary depending on the culture and it’s thought that genetics might also influence this addiction.

How Alcohol Addiction Is Treated

When you become addicted to alcohol, it’s not something you can simply go cold-turkey on and hope that it’s a walk in the park back to sobriety. And whilst there’s no cure for alcohol dependence or alcoholism, with the right treatments, therapies, and personal dedication, it’s something you can take control of.

The treatment plan will depend on a variety of factors pertaining to your history. This might be a prior history of alcohol dependence. It might be the level of support you have around you and also the financial situation you might be in currently.

A lot of it though is down to acknowledging and accepting you have an addiction. You must be willing to get help and want to get help, in order to start the process. Once you’re there, there’s a range of alcohol treatment options from detoxification, counseling, and medications that you can choose from.

Everyone’s path to sobriety can be different and so what works for one person’s addiction, might not necessarily work for another. It’s good to know what works for you and to take it a day at a time.