Our Top 3 Eras Of Interiors And How You Can Recreate Them


Let’s face it, we all want the design of our homes and interiors to look and feel unique. There are a number of ways we can source inspiration and from a variety of eras throughout the design history. Whether you like the minimalist look, the sleekness of modern designs, or the ornate characteristics of art deco, here’s how you can transform your home’s interiors accordingly.

If you’re looking for modern furniture Sydney wide, or Minimalist pieces in Melbourne, we’ve put together our favourite tips and tricks that will ensure you get the look you’re after. 

Art Deco:

Considered as one of the most influential interior design movements of the 20th century, art deco Is still honoured across the globe to this day. One of the ways in which Art Deco has remained relevant is its ability to be easily applied to almost any interior and without too much effort. It is an instantly recognisable style which makes it easy and effective to implement. 

The elegance and opulence of Art Deco are easy to recreate in your home. Some key characteristics of art deco include symmetry, bold shapes, hard angles, and geometric shapes. Incorporating gold, silver, and metallic colours into finishings and furniture will create a rich appearance that mimics art deco design. 

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Look for striking, bold colours like greens, reds, blues, and even yellows. In addition to these colours, black, silver, chrome, and pink will complement this style too. These colours create contrast and a bold visual statement. The fabric colours used in art deco design are either solid or incorporate geometric patterns. Finish your art deco interior design with cushions and fabrics with geometric patterns or opulent textures like velvet.


Minimalist interior design is a more recent design movement for interiors that tends to focus on the simplicity of form and function. You can create a minimalist interior design with simple yet practical furniture, restricted use of ornamental decoration, and sticking to simple, geometric shapes. Minimal interior design usually incorporates monochromatic colour palettes that are simple and easy on the eyes. Perfecting a minimalist design also means perfecting the divide and layout of your space. Make use of compact spaces and geometric shapes that fit with your space. 

With minimal design usually also comes a minimalist way of life. Minimalists stray from excess, don’t over clutter, hoard, or over purchase material items. If you want to capture a true sense of minimalism in your interior designs start by cleaning up and clearing out your space. 


The modern interior design theme is the newest of the lot. Like the minimal theme, it also prefers function over form. It is usually simple and incorporates clear lines. It also incorporates the use of metals like chrome and stainless steel. Instead of adding paintings or art to the walls, it tends to add functional objects like bookcases and mirrors to the wall. It also focuses on large open plan spaces and minimum use of walls or dividers in order to get rid of unnecessary partitions. Furniture used in modern design comes with modern comfort but sleek design.  

All of these designs are well loved for their aesthetics and functionality. A lot of people like to incorporate these themes into their interiors to make their home beautiful and enhance it to the next level. Whether you are up for a minimalist, modern, or art deco design, keep it pure, don’t try to incorporate one or more themes simultaneously. Happy interior designing!

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