Orthopaedic Surgeon – Expectations VS Reality


Orthopaedic Surgeon – Expectations VS Reality

Orthopaedic surgeons are those doctors who are trained and expert in performing surgeries of broken bones and joints or can do replacement surgeries too. Usually, orthopaedic physicians and surgeons are considered the same but they are not. Orthopaedic physicians usually deal with the mild problems like bones weakness, calcium deficiency problems and joint movement issues but they cannot perform surgeries whereas surgeons are certified to do surgeries of broken bones due to injuries and accidents. Some surgeons get further specializations in a specific type of bones or joints and treat only those who have hip replacement or knee joint replacement surgeries. People do not do good research due to the lack of awareness regarding the difference between surgeons and doctors. As a result, when unspecialized doctors perform surgeries they go wrong and the patient may face more difficulties, chronic pains, more surgeries and even disability too.

You must choose a known and best orthopedic surgeon in lahore for your treatment so that you may not face any further problems and get recovered speedily. People have some common expectations from orthopedic surgeon and reality is something else. Let’s clear some of the common expectations and the reality behind them.

Expectation: The doctor must find out the problem on his own

Patients usually don’t tell the whole details of the problem they are facing and expect the doctor or surgeon to find out on his own. There can be several reasons behind that. Some patients are not aware enough to tell the details and some do not tell the doctors deliberately to check his experience level.

Reality: Patient have to tell the doctor about his problem, other related symptoms and medical history to let the doctor diagnose properly

Usually, best orthopaedic doctors or surgeons are trained enough that they get to know about the real problem quickly even if the patient does not cooperate much. However, the reality is that every patient should explain the issue and other causes which he thinks are related so that the doctor may look at the bigger picture and then proceed. Rarely happens that even experienced surgeons wrongly diagnose the issues and take decisions of surgeries-e joint replacement surgery and in result, the patient and doctor both suffer. The patient suffers from the loss of money, chronic pains and no recovery and the doctor suffers from the bad word of mouth and poor reputation.

Expectation: Surgeons are just sitting to make money; they do surgery of every patient even if it’s not required

Commonly people in Pakistan and even other countries think that surgeons are sitting there just to do surgeries even if they are not required. The reason behind this misconception is that people think it’s their profession requirement from which they earn money for their living. People go to surgeons with this mindset that the surgeon will suggest proceeding for the surgery immediately.

Reality: Surgeons are professionals and their profession is to solve the patient’s problem rather than just earning money

Orthopaedic doctors and surgeons are certified to perform surgeries but they are not supposed to impose surgery decision on every patient. An expert and best orthopaedic doctor will always try to resolve the problem with medication, diet and physical exercise at first. If the problem is serious and critical than they take the second opinion sometimes and take help of x-rays and other tests to confirm that surgery is necessary or not. After all, this procedure surgeon suggests a patient for orthopaedic or joint replacement surgery. Your doctors are your helpers, not looters!

Expectation: Surgeon or doctor must resolve pain issues instantly without a long procedure

Everybody wants fast and effective medication for the cure of their disease and problems. Patients expect that doctors must give such type of magical medication or do some instant recovery surgeries so that the pains must be instantly relieved. Also, patients expect that after any joint or bone surgery they must be recovered instantly.

Reality: Doctors are not magicians. They can give medicines to temporarily relieve your pain but they can’t instantly make you recover after any orthopaedic surgery

Surgeons do their best to make their patients comfortable and happy. Surgeons can give aftercare instructions, prescribe pain killers for patient’s comfort, suggest good medicines which boost immunity for speed healing, food instructions so that the patient must eat nutritious and healthy food and instruct some physical exercises to benefit the replaced or repaired bones. Doctors cannot heal the patient’s instantly after any type of bone surgeries as it’s not possible humanly and naturally.

Expectation: Patients can call the doctor anytime anywhere for any problem

This the example of really unrealistic expectation as a doctor cannot be bound to a few patients. The patient expects that they are an old patient and have the right to call the doctor any time. This can be a very disturbing situation for the doctor.

Reality: Patients must make an appointment or can discuss the emergencies from the assistants first to get assistance on time

Best orthopaedic doctors always put their patients ease on priority. However, as a professional, they have to attend other patients as well. Also, doctors are tight on schedules and cannot attend a patient anytime. The patients are advised to revisit after some specific period and the during this period the patient can call if there is an emergency. This is the right way to have a healthy relationship with your doctor and save both time and energy too.


Some of the common expectations are discussed above which usually people have in their minds. Most of the expectations are unrealistic and generated with hearsay commonly. People don’t look into the situations deeply and do not think from the doctor’s side. Some Patients may have bad experiences or surgeries due to wrong diagnoses, negligence or bad aftercare but that does not apply to all the surgeons. Best orthopaedic surgeons always try to make their patient satisfied and comfortable to talk first, so that the patients can easily discuss their problems in detail. Secondly, if they see some symptoms which are pointing out for surgery than the suggested test and x-rays to confirm. Lastly, after seeing reports and discussing with the patient in detail they take surgery decisions rather than just the random ones. So patient need to understand from both sides and then come to a conclusion or judgement.