Online Staff Scheduling Software for Schools and Universities


With today’s shrinking education budgets, educational institutions must make the greatest use of their available teachers, professors, staff, and resources. Effective education scheduling, combined with well-designed staff schedules, goes a long way toward improving the educational experience for students. Scheduling support personnel, faculty, and staffers at schools, colleges, and universities is complicated and throws many challenges.

All educational institutions have a variety of job positions to schedule and programs to be covered. Most schools support staffers and resources proportionally by classroom demand. Education schedulers must also consider time-off requests, teacher training, and substitute personnel when developing work schedules for teachers, special educators, and support staff.

Education facilities already have to do more, and cover more departments with few staff. Streamline your staff scheduling into one simple place with Picktime. Increase efficiency, receive tangible revenue, reduce labor costs, and promote employee’s work-life balance.

Why scheduling software?

Multiple Business Locations

No matter how many schools, colleges, universities, or admin offices you are in charge of scheduling, the online scheduling software for schools and universities lets you manage all your teachers and school staff from one account seamlessly.

Staff data

Create academic and personal data of staff including qualification, skills, training, leave, schedule, attendance, contact, and other details with the ability to add custom fields to track information in real-time. Easily integrate faculty and staff photo ID cards using emerging technologies including smart cards, Barcode, and biometric systems. Access important information regarding insurance plans, financial benefits and options, banking and tax details, leave and holidays, as well as a knowledge base of informative documents.

SMS notifications and emails

Through SMS notifications and emails, you can send notifications and alerts to teachers, lecturers, and other faculty members about shift timings, terms, vacation periods, sudden changes in the schedule, and certificate expiration dates. Keep communication clean and clear.

Create schedules in a snap

Drag-and-drop to easily assign shifts, mark time off, move or copy assignments for your educational employees and volunteers. Track all training, vacation, sick leave, and other off-work requests.

Avoid scheduling conflict

Detect and alert all sorts of schedule conflicts like overlapping shifts, lacking required skills, not enough rest between shifts, or too many overtime hours. Any conflict will be clearly flagged and color-coded on schedule views.

Up-to-date education staff availability, skill level, and expiration

Education staff can enter availability information for each day of the week and restrictions that should be considered when creating and managing schedules. Avoid over/understaffing a shift with people you need with skills and get an alert when an employee’s skill/certification is about to expire.

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Handle overtime, shift premium and incentive pay

Flexible pay rules to compute overtime and extra pay to education employees working on public holidays, certain days or hours of the day, irregular shifts, etc.

Comply with labor rules and collective agreements

Avoid grievances and ensure compliance with collective bargaining agreements, HR policies, labor, and working time regulations. When filling an open shift, you can use multiple criteria to narrow down the number of eligible educational employees.

Timesheet data for payroll

Adjust the shift’s scheduled start and end times to reflect the actual time worked and instantly see the revised hours and costs. Add notes and reasons to record or explain deviations and provide time card data for payroll.

Ensure adequate shift coverage

Show the number of education staff members scheduled in each shift by position, skill, or reason so you can quickly see if any position is over/understaffed while making shift assignments.

Publish schedules

Easily publish shift schedules, calendars, and any report in PDF and a variety of other formats. Automatically email work schedules to educational staff members and/or their supervisors.

Skyrocket productivity and workforce efficiency by reducing stress on faculty members and managers! The education sector is a fast-paced environment that is always changing. New students every year, teachers, professors, and instructors. Why not start a fresh start with Picktime online scheduling for schools, colleges, and universities.